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Action Role-Playing Games Marathon Event is as it says a marathon that showcases an assortment of ARPG's and the communities around them.

We are not hard pressed on the general means of what some may class as an ARPG but we do like to see a variety of games that may take some of this formula we normally see in them.

This is an ONLINE Marathon, so everyone can participate or watch from the comfort of their own homes.

If you have an questions etc,
Please let us know.

Big thank you to NASA again for collaborating with us to have the chance to do it again and the people that have donated their time and skills for the work used in this upcoming marathon. Without them we would not be able to do this, and more so you the runners/communities and the viewers that tune in to share the experience with.


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Reminder that ARPGME is done purely through support of my self and the others who donate their time and skills to make this possible, without them we would not have such a great time. This means we have absolutely no revenue to put towards the event and do not collect anything during. If you want to support the Marathon best way to do so is either supporting the marathon directly or by tweeting out the event and sharing with others.

Every bit of support no matter how small is a big help.

If you want to get more directly involved with ARPGME this year or in the future please contact me through Twitter or Discord are the best options. (We would be looking for any of the following: Graphic artists, Sound and or Video Engineers as well as volunteers to help with Hosting,Commentary and other behind the scenes stuff that makes this possible.)

Thank you again to everyone for their consideration and support no matter what you do. ❤️

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Just to make sure everyone is aware, the marathon will take place in early May.
The actual date(s) are not confirmed yet because it will depend on the number of submissions starting on First Phase of submissions since We are going to do a minimum of 3 days in that week but are aiming to do longer upwards to a week if we do get enough submissions to make it happen.
The actual date will fall some where between the 1st and the 13th of May.
After Submissions Close after the Second round of submissions, there will be a form to fill out for availability much like last time and to confirm runs from both submission periods.

Looking forward to having a great marathon again, and hopefully I will not sleep on my floor this time. =3