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Going forward with the next Marathon I will be ironing out more on the kinds of submissions that will be looking for,
The biggest hurdle that I know that has been some what of the failure is not the event itself as its been very good,
But the Name is where the issues are unless Myself and others involved with handling submissions revisit what we are looking for in which to better fit the name.

In the past events most of the games have been more of an "Action Spectacle" or Just "Action" Oriented games with lite mechanics that are common in most RPGs.

Could very well reboot the marathon and change the name as it was not a name That was hard chosen but a choice made at the first moment.
If the name was to be changed what would be some suggestions based on the types of games we have had in the past?

If the name would remain, there would be allot more press towards actual "Action Role Playing Games",
And for that it still seems a bit vague on its own but to put it simply;

"Action role-playing video games (abbreviated as Action RPG or ARPG) are a subgenre of role-playing video games.
The games emphasize real-time combat (where the player has direct control over characters) instead of turn-based or menu-based combat.
These games often use action game combat systems similar to hack and slash or shooter games.

Action role-playing games may also incorporate action-adventure games, which include a mission system and RPG mechanics,
or multiplayer/online role-playing games (MORPGs) with real-time combat systems."

What are some thoughts towards ARPGME currently and what would you like to see from the next one?

Even if you have have not seen or been part of the past 2 marathons feel free to let us know your thoughts on the current name Action Role Playing Games Marathon Event aka ARPGME, and or the types of games you would be expecting to see in a marathon about ARPGs.

If you do think a reboot could be something to look at what are some suggestions to look at?

This Marathon has been from the start about the communities and runners involved regardless of its size, it would not be possible without those people in the first place.

Looking forward to the next one.
~ MASH ❤️

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