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  Super ModMASH
Games and Runners List for ARPGME so far
Subject to change.
If you are a runner,
Please also fill out the accompanying form linked below or found in the pastebin.
  Super ModMASH
If you have any questions please feel free to ask, you can also find me in the Discord as well in #ARPGME
  Super ModMASH
I have contacted as many people as I could Via Twitter from the list.
Looking forward to the runs everyone and thank you again for the overwhelming number of submissions, far more then we expected.
  Super ModMASH
Scheduling has started so If you have submitted a run to the marathon,
please check the pastebin here;

If you are on the list congrats please fill out the confirmation form to secure your placement in the marathon, Thank you for all the submissions from everyone.

Runner confirmation form;
  Super ModMASH
Reminder that I'm still waiting on several Runners from the Games list posted in the Pastebin link above to respond via the google doc form so I can work more on the scheduling side of things.

Just over 40 days till the event so please get to that if not already, thank you.

Also if you have any questions or concerns about your runs for anything contact me either on twitter or in the discord and we can sort out anything that could be an issue leading up to the event day(s).