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So I am looking into doing ARPGME in 2018 perhaps earlier then November this time around possibly in the summer or spring and would like to hear from people on what they think about the Marathon being more then 3 days or remaining as is? Another thing I am considering with feedback is how people would feel about a competitive scene during this time where people can sign up for a competition which involves playing through some choice games possibly for bragging rights and prizes as well. Let me know your thoughts about the future for ARPGME for 2018. Thank you again for making ARPGME a great experience for myself and for those who also participated and or watched the event, Could not have done it without you all.


If you can get enough runs, and also enough people to run it, making the marathon longer couldn't hurt. As far as competition, the idea of a blind RPG race has potential, but it might be hard to find an RPG that isn't too long or RNG heavy for something like that. Either way, another ARPGME would be sick.

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One possibility I am looking into that could end up as a separate thing or an addition to ARPGME if we were to have the event stretch longer was to have tournament runs for selected games in between the regular schedule or as a separate thing between actual marathons possibly on a more regular basis as well. Of course this would need community support from those games as well to make them happen.

On the other side more just for ARPGME is that we are looking at having the Marathon much sooner then before and also longer then just a weekend. Would like to hear more from others about the possibility or things we may have not considered or just hear your general thoughts on anything related.


From the perspective of a student the best times for participating in a speedrun marathon is during the summer or in October. As long as those times are met than committing to participating and also viewing of a marathon is much easier even if they are longer than the current schedule. Also I think the competitions would be an interesting addition to the marathon, depends on what you had for ideas though.

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ARPGME is looking to be in MAY this coming year. I'm working with people to redesign the marathon and will be looking at having it run a week instead of over just a weekend. Submissions will open up a few months before hand and will run in waves, meaning that if a run doesn't get in previous submission periods then you can resubmit it.

Current Agenda:
- Marathon redesign which includes a new logo and thematic design.
- new submission guidelines and rules to help narrow and expand the variety of accepted submissions.
- volunteer and direct involvement positions which will also require a submission and screening process.
- and more.

If you are interested in ARPGME as a runner or as possible volunteer etc stay connected with us and be sure to check when things unfold for the event. I appreciate all the support and people that were involved, submitted and ran during last year's event.

Thank you for making it possible.


May is a bit of an interesting choice no? Cause the NASA marathon is around the end of May right? Would ARPGME be closer to the beginning of May then?


We are looking to have it in May not confirmed yet and it won't interfere with NASA as we already have discussed it as they would also be providing tech and hosting support like before.

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NASA is happening in June so there won't be any overlap.


ARPGME 2018 First round of submissions will open start of February.
Second Round opens start of March, and last round of submissions in April.
Cut offs will be just before the last week of each month.

Submission details will follow soon.


ARPGME 2018 submissions will open soon there is a bit of a delay atm due to me being busy and not having a few things done. They will open soon, and will extend as necessary for the first wave.Hopefully by end of next week submissions should be open till the beginning of the following month, stay up to date for when the ARPGME 2018 Forums open up with more details soon.

If there is people out there with some graphic skills and want to lend a hand with logo and design work please contact me either using my Twitter or through Discord.

~ MASH ❤️

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We have a new logo in works and we will hopefully have it done soon as well as submissions finally opening even if later then originally planned, fear not there will still be multiple submission periods as needed and an extension to the first one in regards to the delay.



ARPGME 2018 Submissions Phase 1 will open today at 12 PM GMT,
and will close after March 18th !

Please read the threads and ask any questions you may have either there or here.