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Hey all, a simple starter thread for any AC runners or runners that are thinking of learning any of the AC games πŸ™‚

I'm Sparkingmeteor1337, I live in England, UK, and I run Last Raven, For Answer, 4, 1 and 3. I've run the others in the past but I peaked with them and decided to move onto the others c:

if anyone wants to introduce themselves, please go ahead! 😊


Hello, sparkingmeteor1337.
I'm niedle. I'm Japanese.
I run AC series apeedrun on Project Phantasma, Master of Arena, Nine Breaker, and more I want to try.
I know other records on nicovideo by Japanese.
I hope to share information with other players .


Hey niedle πŸ™‚
Nice to see other AC runners, I'd like to see a run of nine breaker, sounds like it would be kind of long 😣

If you know of any other runners please let me know so I can add their times to the leaderboards, thanks!


Nice to meet you, too.
My Nine Breaker record is 2:54:00 (any%, 92 trainings to credit).
Video is here.

Also I tested all training gold,It took about 8 hours lol.

Project Phantasma records are 52:18 / 57:39 (glitch / glitchless).
They has no videos.

I am trying for Answer any% now.
I watched your 35:50 video. I have some ideas.
But I have PS3 only, It has very bad load.
I have to get a Xbox360 at first.


These are records by Japanese.

0:28:58 (any%, give up missions)
1:33:30 (any%, not give up and not change assemble)

1:29:33 (any%)

2:58:31 (beat nineball seraph)

1:24:24 (any%)

1:24:41 (any%)

1:19:36 (any%)

0:26:42 (any%)

3:04:23 (100%,time in geme)

46:04 (any%)

There are some videos on nicovideo.
If you have an account, you can watch them.

By the way, TMraven's 2:57:26 record is not AC2AA but AC2?


That is a very nice run man πŸ™‚
All gold 8 hours? that's a lot longer than I thought it would be 😱

About for Answer, If you would like to share those idea's at all please let me know, I think a newer strategy is needed rather than optimization on my route, I feel different weapon combinations could be used definitely, I look forward to seeing you run πŸ™‚

Wow that's a lot of runs lol, I'll go search for them, if you want to add them yourself though then you may, I have made you a moderator as I assume you could mod for the japanese runners ^^ But please let me know if you would rather I didn't πŸ™‚

Thanks for pointing out the error with TMRaven's run, I have corrected this now. I must have got mixed up I was awake late night for 3+ hours editing all of this leaderboard xD


Thank you for making me a moderator!
I will add records later.

About for Answer, I think you should change the regulation.
Energy is enough without 1.15, and it is difficult because enemy energy is also infinity.
I recommend regulation 1.30.
1.30's rocket has very big attack power, It can destroy Arms Fort very fast.
And there are some glitches on this game. 2 missions can be shortened if you use them.
I know that when I watched videos of one mission speedrun on nicovideo.
videos list >

Append, there is Last Raven's TAS on nicovideo.

It will help you.


You're very welcome, and thank you for being active 😊

I watched the video's you linked me to, and I'm really impressed and thankful you linked them, I will try running with that regulation from now on and see how it goes, thanks a lot! πŸ˜ƒ

And yet another thank you, There aren't many TAS' of PS2 games generally so it's nice to see that LR has one πŸ˜ƒ


Hey folks. I'm Glasnonck. I'm interested in running Armored Core, starting with 4. I'm very new to the series, so any tips tips would be great. I'll try to read up on various strategies on my own as well.

Luckily, AC4 any% seems to be pretty short (at least compared to the game I usually run). My first timed run took about 41 minutes, timed from hitting start after new game options and ending on the last hit on Aretha. Hopefully, I'll get time to do a couple practice runs later this week.


Hey glasnonck!

My apologies I don't check this too often as it kinda died for a while xD

My current PB on AC4 is a 36:38 but off stream so it wasn't recorded, I only have the splits :c
I will link my notes because that's all I can really do, hopefully they speak for my pb c:

Basically the notes are the time of each mission with the current run setup at that time (So if I was using only EN weapons for chapter 4 as an example, the times are using only that setup)

And here are my splits for the route c:

I hope this helps you, good luck with your runs!


Hey guys, I'm Argentum and am making a post on a 3 year old forum... For some reason.

I'm new to Armored Core and speedrunning in general, I'm currently running Armored Core 1 and hopefully Project Phantasma soon. Any tips for Phantasma would be greatly appreciated, I hope to learn alot from you guys!


Hi guys, i'm TheBaka9 and im looking forward running AC:LR in every category i possibly can. I'm currently preparing for 136% run of PS2 version.