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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Availability Date  
MattieMattie Skate 3 Any% 1:20:00 X360 USA Link pls accept
MattieMattie Skate 3 All Deathraces 0:15:00 X360 USA Link did it in arat, i can do it again
QaotikQaotik Ridge Racer V Hard Mode All GPs 1:45:00 PS2 USA Link It's Ridge Racer. Nothing else
QaotikQaotik Hot Wheels Velocity X Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link This gameplay is on Dolphin, but expect PC version for the marathon.
TwoWorldsTwoWorlds Pocketbike Racer Standard Race 0:50:00 Xbox USA Link High-quality meme game. In this category we race 5 tracks at 3 different speeds with steep competition.
TolarusTolarus Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Covers the Galactic Circuit, and makes a trip to the junkyard.
amberamber Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 200cc, 48-Tracks, No Items 1:32:00 Switch USA Link this game looks really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really good
nasenase Road Trip Adventure Any% 0:25:00 PS2 USA Link This is an un-commentated run, but you know me Kona ;) If a gauge of my commentary/personality/whatever is needed though, see the 20 Stamp submission.
nasenase Road Trip Adventure 20 Stamp 0:20:00 PS2 USA Link This was filmed with a webcam but I have an actual capture card now so all good
nasenase Grand Theft Auto V Trevor% 1:22:00 PC Link Not exactly racing, but a lot of car driving and chill tunes
theboykstheboyks Running High Baby Racing% 0:10:00 PS JPN Link Literally not a speedrun, but I will drift babies on your marathon for 10 minutes.
VarkVark SSX 2012 New Game 2:00:00 X360 USA Link This game is a lot different than the other SSX games but has the same SSX charm. Equipment and hazards in different regions keep the game fresh every couple races. The game overall has a lot to offer in a speedrun with races, tricking events done quickly, and survival tracks done quickly.
kariohkikariohki Chocobo Racing Story Mode 0:25:00 PS2 USA Link A cute racing game featuring final fantasy characters
SnowieYSnowieY Undertale True Pacifist Ending 1:30:00 Linux USA Link The Undertale speedrun is beloved and very broken, starting out a bit slow it takes off in an instant after getting the punch card. It's a series of the same glitch but used differently through the course of the run. The True Pacifist Ending is the most complex of the three main categories, requiring a neutral completion, and then a TPE completion. This run is done optimally in under an hour and a half. (The Japanese version of this game is under way, and we are inconclusive at this current point in time whether or not it will be faster. If it is, it will be by a minute or two)
CosmykTheDolfynCosmykTheDolfyn Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Any% 0:42:00 N64 USA Link It's flippin' Hot Wheels, man. Over 12 minutes of gameplay are skipped by a stupid RNG manip. Will create backup in case manip fails or something. Hot Wheels.
CosmykTheDolfynCosmykTheDolfyn Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed All Tracks 0:15:00 GBA USA Link Ummm, welcome to a game where you drive reaaaalllly fast (like 3-4x faster than intended) without working brakes and bounce around like a pinball because someone forgot to program an upper limit to your speed in first gear when driving in manual.
CosmykTheDolfynCosmykTheDolfyn The Next Penelope: Race To Odysseus Any% 0:26:00 PC USA Link Racing game that also adds in shooter elements and an RPG leveling system. Tons of cool weapons, literally every weapon in the game gets abused in ways to go faster than intended. Cool game, dawg.
NimputsNimputs Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer 100% 2:05:00 Dreamcast EUR Link This run covers all 25 tracks in the game, including 4 track with huge track skips. I've shown any% last marathon, and would love to show the full game next.
JBuzzyBeeJBuzzyBee Xeodrifter Any% 0:22:00 PC USA Link Xeodrifter is a Metroidvania style game with a glitch that skips 1/3 of the game.
EwilEwil Driver: You Are the Wheelman Any% 1:10:00 PC EUR Link Great driving game with a lot of RNG and improvisation.
EwilEwil GRIP All tracks 4 laps classic race - Hard AI 1:30:00 PC Link This game is actually still in early access on Steam, but it already has 14 tracks, 7 cars, wicked soundtrack and very fun combat racing gameplay which is very similar to Rollcage series (one of the dev actually worked on it). For marathon purposes I can lower the number of laps to only 1, but 4 is kinda the sweetspot. Btw, I can only stream this game at 30fps.
EwilEwil NFSIII: Hot Pursuit Knockout NG+ Expert 0:31:00 PC Link One of the best NFS games imho. It features great cars and the best soundtrack ever. Also, I am the best player of this game :)
LonneLonne Need For Speed Rivals Cop any% 1:30:00 PC EUR Link quite an action packed racing game with the cop career as it involves busting racers in top of the line sports cars. pretty simple and quick route and quite fun. 1PM - 11PM GMT
LanayruLanayru Euro Truck Simulator 2 10 Deliveries 0:10:00 PC USA Link the best driving speedrun category to date
LonneLonne Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing 100% 0:12:00 PC EUR Link Pretty short and good meme run
Lordmau5Lordmau5 Densha De D: Lightning Stage Any% 0:30:00 PC Link Densha De D: Lighting Stage is a racing game with trains. We use the power of multi-track-drifting and a train clipping glitch to wipe out our opponents and reach the finish first. Would happily be up for doing it as a race against Konasumi.
nuunuu Flatout 2 Derby Class 1:30:00 PC USA Link my first time doing this, lets see how this goes
nuunuu FlatOut 2 Derby Class 1:20:00 PC USA Link fixed submission
farbfarb hydro thunder hurricane Tempest 0:27:00 X360 USA Link hi
tridenttailtridenttail Diddy Kong Racing 100% 2:10:00 N64 JPN Link Wrong warps, out of bounds clips, cutscene skips and a bunch of other craziness.
tridenttailtridenttail Diddy Kong Racing Any% 0:55:00 N64 JPN Link Even more crazier stuff.
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Call of duty Any% 2:20:00 PC EUR Link Soup is a good name.
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Portal Glitchless 0:30:00 PC EUR Link Probably race with some1 would be nice.
EdenTeaEdenTea Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Any% 1:13:00 PC USA Link No commentary in my submission vid. However I did run All-Stars Racing Transformed last time. S&SASR is a completely different game in comparison to its successor, which I ran in the previous marathon. The game centers entirely around kart gameplay, but uses tech such as snaking, potentially infinite drifting, and respawn glitches. This is a run of all the GPs. There is also a mission mode, but it's been shown to be a pretty long run so I'll be disregarding that for now.
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Any% (Novice) 1:30:00 PC EUR Link Should be possible with no problem, even mistakes are included in this time too but they shouldn't happen :)
Thebpg13Thebpg13 The Italian Job Any% 1:05:00 PS USA Link Should be a fun one for people to watch, especially those that are a fan of the original 1969 film with Michael Caine ;)
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Porsche Challenge Any% (Easy) 0:50:00 PS EUR Link Not sure who has heard of this game but considering the time length to finish it I reckon this might be good for a time filler rather than a full submission but the choice is yours on this one.
Thebpg13Thebpg13 V-Rally 97 Championship Edition Championship% 1:15:00 PS EUR Link Might make for an interesting run for some people as the physics of this game are a bit silly and can be quite hectic with the AI XD
nuunuu FlatOut 2 race class 1:50:00 PC USA Link availability: 5:00PM - 8:00PM PDT
simpleton216simpleton216 Burnout 2: Point Of Impact Single Champ. Any% 1:25:00 GCN USA Link Chance of RNG killing the run 3/4ths of the way through. This can be prevented by either doing an extra race or switching to my memory card if the run dies. I can only run games after 9pm est. *Off chance a job offer goes through and I can't run, if this happens I'll let you know before hand.
JakePlisskenSDAJakePlisskenSDA Car and Driver All Tracks 0:25:00 MS-DOS USA Link A bizarre and very early 3D "driving simulator" sponsored by the magazine of the same name. The game uses polygonal 3D graphics and then-revolutionary texture-mapped 3D objects at a time when most racers were still purely sprite-based, and it required a beastly DOS rig to run smoothly. The game is nonlinear in nature and is focused on time trials rather than races with other cars due to graphical limitations. It was released 2 years earlier than the more well known Road & Track's The Need for Speed, also for DOS. It's mostly interesting for historical purposes, as it was the first game developed by Looking Glass Studios, who would go on to make Ultima Underworld, Thief: The Dark Project, and System Shock 2.
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Career Any% (New game) 2:15:00 PC Link Estimate includes a lot of room for error, you can lower to 2:10 if schedule is tight. Video quality is 240p but I can stream in 360p now.
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Career Any% (New game + no warp) 2:10:00 PC Link Featuing 240sx after 2 races, the best car in the game less than halfway in the run, and a whole lotta money management. Either this or regular NG. Estimate includes a lot of room for error, you can lower to 2:05 if schedule is tight.
zoton2zoton2 Need for Speed: The Run (Wii) The Run any% 1:55:00 WiiU EUR Link Last marathon we had the regular version of this, so why not show off the "downscaled" version too? The Wii and 3DS versions of the game are quite different from the "HD" versions, although the overall theme is the same the stories are quite different. But for this version the story doesn't matter because you can actually skip cutscenes! Gameplay wise, it is more like the Burnout series. No amazing speedtech yet, just some fast racin'.
Parmak64 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 1 Any% 0:30:00 PC EUR Link Nice run. I also requested a series about the game and his incoming sequels.
MaiguelsMaiguels Runabout 2 Almost All Levels% 0:45:00 PS EUR Link Game with bad physics, sloppy driving, weird missions, where almost everything explodes. I can run an Any%, which is the same run as Almost All Levels% but finishing on Mission 13. An Any% run would have an estimate of 38 minutes.
[Deleted user] Mario Kart Wii 32 Tracks (No Skip) 1:30:00 Wii USA Link Great and entertaining run where RNG can really mess up the runner.
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Cruis'n USA Any% 0:32:00 N64 USA Link This is a fun game to show off and this time the category will be new game, so it will be more challenging. every day between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Extreme-G 3 All Bronze Races 0:40:00 GCN USA Link This is a fast paced racing game with cool looking tracks. every day between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association XGRA Global 0:41:00 GCN USA Link This is another fast paced racing game with cool looking tracks. every day between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
FiremanFireman Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters Amateur Championship 0:50:00 PC Link Good, unknown racing game with unique platforming elements. I've been working on the exposure of this game myself (as it is an abandonware and free to d/l game). I've improved the times in this game myself for a long period of time (way before I found out about
FiremanFireman Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters Professional Championship 1:10:00 PC Link Good, unknown racing game with unique platforming elements and speed mechanics. I've been working on the exposure of this game myself (as it is an abandonware and free to d/l game). I've improved the times in this game myself for a long period of time (way before I found out about Additionally, this run completed would be a guaranteed WR (according to leaderboards anyway, as I never submitted my practice runs).
ASmallPotatoASmallPotato Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edinburgh to London (RTA) 0:15:00 PC Link Puts a different spin in racing games, by going fast in one of the slowest forms of typical traffic. RTA in ETS2 is significantly different to IGT, and often leads to a very strange route. In this run, we head across onto mainland Europe before crossing back across into felixstowe for the final run up to London, rathen than head the direct route. I will be available between ~10am and 9pm on either day (times in nzdt /utc+13)
TechnickleTechnickle Top Gear 2 USA% 0:10:00 SNES USA Link This run is a quick, but a optimized category, with little to no room for error. However I am one of the best runners for this category, and have the necessary skills to provide the perfect run. This run is so optimized that, one little mistake even 17 seconds in can cost the run. This category is roughly 10:00 mins long under 9:30 if possible, without mess ups. Top Gear 2 is a high paced Racing RPG that is not your typical racing game. The reasoning behind it being called a RPG and not a standalone racing game, is because the character you portray is practically the car. What I mean is the game gives you the option to lower or higher your cars powers, through upgrading with car parts over time.
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally 2005 Championship% 1:20:00 PSP EUR Link I think it will be interesting for people to see as not many runs of this game exist and most people would be interested in seeing how the game is ran by a speedrunner such as myself.
RabbitRabbit Hover Ace Novice Championship 0:40:00 PC Link Fast racing, skill based, a lot of RNG attacks. It's a futuristic racing game from devs of Stalker, similar to Wipeout or F Zero
espumbrajoltespumbrajolt Burnout Paradise BSI 100% 1:30:00 PS3 USA Link Burnout Paradise is demoltion derby/racing game wihich requires you to race events to up grade your licence. The run is mainly dlc (Big Surf Island) and we are going complete all events and buildboards smash gates and super jump.
zoton2zoton2 The Getaway: Black Monday All Races 0:45:00 PS2 EUR Link This game's story mode is mostly driving and third person shooting, but via collectables you can unlock races as a bonus special feature. In this run I complete all 20 of these. Because the races are based around an open world and the game isn't very good at restricting to you to the racing "track", we are able to do some interesting things. An example: in one race, you can turn around, clip through a barrier, and reach the finish line which was right behind you.
LonneLonne Need for Speed: Carbon Career Any% 2:20:00 PC EUR Link (race with fgeorjje) Carbon is probably the best black box nfs game with rng and great racing with brakechecking by our teammate fgeorjje 1PM - 11PM GMT
NightbarrelNightbarrel Kinetica All Tracks 0:55:00 PS4 USA Link New strats have been discovered since the last ARAT, including the reset abuse, which lowers the overall time significantly. Available all weekend.
MaiguelsMaiguels Test Drive 4x4 Safari Class 0:38:00 PS EUR Link An average game with bad physics and a lot of "Awesome!" From 10:00 to 21:00 UTC
MaiguelsMaiguels Runabout 2 Any% 0:35:00 PS2 EUR Link Game with bad physics, sloppy driving, weird missions, where almost everything explodes. From 10:00 to 21:00 UTC
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Offroad Thunder All Tracks 0:27:00 GCN USA Link Its a fast paced racing game and it's fun. every day between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
1davidj1davidj F-Zero GX All Tracks (Snaking) 1:20:00 GCN EUR Link Snaking is a playstyle category for GX that involves putting settings to maximum acceleration and abusing the physics to gain massive speed while turning back and forth. It is the less popular but much faster and more difficult playstyle category for GX. All tracks shows off all 26 courses and several top snaking vehicles. full availability but ideal time would be from 10pm-3am PST
1davidj1davidj Kirby Air Ride Air Ride All Tracks 0:23:00 GCN JPN Link Air Ride All Tracks is the main category for Kirby Air Ride and is the best, fastest, and most skillful category for the game. Most of the courses utilize the wheelie scooter for its overall high speed and a difficult momentum glitch performed on walls to zip along them at high speeds. The acronym is also ARAT which fits perfectly for this marathon. full availability but ideal time would be from 10pm-3am PST
LonneLonne Driver: San Francisco Any% 4:00:00 PC EUR Link The Most recent game in the Driver franchise, set in San Francisco, you play as Detective John Tanner, one of the forces best drivers, who after chasing down convict Charles Jericho during an escape attempt, gets put into a coma where he has the power of Shift, which allows john to take control of any car in San Francisco, uses this power to find out what Jericho plans on doing (a prison break) and stops Jericho's plans I can either do Any% NG or Any% NG+ (the linked video is NG) and the estimate for NG+ would be roughly 3:20 same as previous submission, 1pm- 11pm GMT(although i would prefer having it earlier in the day because of the 4hour estimate)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Sonic R Any% (No OoB) 0:11:00 GCN USA Link Sonic R is a short but fun to watch game, also is isn't a racing game like other ones, since the characters (except Any & Eggman) don't use vehicles, they just "run". This game got popular in 2010 thanks to a Tails Doll (unlockable character) creepypasta Anytime (UTC-6)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Team Racing Any% (Warpless) 1:18:00 PSN USA Link CTR was the "Mario Kart" version of Crash Bandicoot series with more improvements and games modes, including a "history" mode to be the best driver in the world and also save the planet from Nitrous Oxide; being the first spin-off and last Naughty Dog developed game for the franchise. The game was so popular and still being a nice game to watch runs nowadays Anytime (UTC-6)
GyooGyoo Sanic ball Current Version - All Levels - 2 Laps 0:20:00 PC Link It's Sonic R but better. Submitted video is for All Levels 3 Laps, but I wish to make 2 laps because it's slightly shorter. I can improve a lot. 25th and 26th 9AM to 11PM CET
tininsteeliantininsteelian Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty Any% 0:08:00 PC USA Link Like the first game in the series, this is a short FMV racing game where you drive in various off-road environments. Compared to the first, this game has alternate paths and coins that boost your speed. It also has RNG at the start of each level depending on how fast the lights that start the level go out. all the time except between 1 AM and 8 AM
tininsteeliantininsteelian Sega GT 2002 Chronicle mode 0:30:00 Xbox USA Link You might have heard of this game from it being included with Jet Set Radio Future with many Xboxes. The run uses a Jaguar D-Type and races against cars of various eras, from the 1970s to the early 2000s. It's surprisingly a really fun game to play, the controls are very solid, even by today's standards. any time except between 1 AM and 8 AM EST
tininsteeliantininsteelian Project Gotham Racing 2 NG First 2 Classes 0:35:00 Xbox USA Link The run showcases a variety of event types in the game, including overtake races, speed traps, and cone challenges that require driving through cones and drifting through corners. It was one of my favorite games as a kid, and it still holds up today. any time except between 1 AM and 8 AM EST
KonasumiKonasumi Densha de D: Lightning Stage Any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link This game has a lot of multi track drifting Lordmau5 Anytime