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Aragami 2 Forum  /  Any Speedrunning Tips For Aragami 2?
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In case you have any personal tips or thoughts on how to speedrun the game, please share so anyone coming in can check it out.

My own tip is to run the category you enjoy the most, don't try to force yourself to run something that you don't like running.

Also you can "Death Teleport" by committing suicide to get back to the starting point in order to quickly finish a map.


my tip would be to put as much stamina regen runes you can so you can dash more
also the death teleport is a good thing UNLESS u have access to the "portable portal" (idk how its called in english)

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I would say the exact same thing stealth does not matter neither does defense or attack but if you don't have stamina it makes a big difference

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Any Speedrunning Tips For Aragami 2?
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