How is wall clipping done?
6 years ago

Hey, just decided to pick this game up after seeing it on this years' AGDQ stream. I am wondering how one properly sets up and controls for clipping through walls such as that in the first level?

okay, so I guess I am actually able to clip into the wall where suicidemachine does it in his PB, but not where kotti does it for his respective PB. The movement in this game is extremely jittery and I wonder if my current binds are less than optimal: (I have a WASD bind setup but for some reason the game has the bind labels confused)

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Heyo, cool to see some interest after AGDQ! Which wall are you talking about? Generally when it comes to clipping through walls you want to stand somewhere where you have uneven footing, by either standing on a slope, or in a location where one foot is on flat ground, and the other is hovering over a piece of ground that's slightly below you. Then, you want to rotate your camera around until you start "vibrating" rapidly, and it should push you through the wall!

And yes, the movement in this game is supposed to be incredibly janky, that's just the game ;)

Here's my control scheme: Ignore the first keybind for use item, you want to bind it to Right mouse button so you can effortlessly flute jump I believe Kotti uses 3 for quick save, though this is mostly preference - I have it bound to F5 so I don't press it by accident!

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Kotti just did a tutorial of the run

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