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Could we get a category for completing the Box spring parkour without using the tree to skip the whole thing? The Any% get stale pretty quick.

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this we could yes, would be a glitchless without bugs

Box Springs Champion (Parkour) Glitchless


It seems you have added a whole new run instead of just a new category for box springs. Not that it matters a whole lot.


Hello Chub. As you suggested, I've changed the default categories to Any% and Glitchless. I've done this as the Box Springs Parkour isn't the only run that utilizes glitches. The Dragon's Lair dungeons also use a glitch to load two waves at once in one of the rooms, allowing a time save up to 15 seconds. A skip can also be found in Alata's Parkour Cavern that saves 0.5 seconds, that isn't following the "intended" path.

Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to re-submit your run for the Any% again 🙂 I don't hope this is too big of an inconvenience, and thanks for the suggestion regarding a Glitchless category.

Have a great day!