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So there have been some discussions on the banning of ePSXe lately.

due to the lack of popularity of this game, I am considering adopting similar rules to the tekken & bubsy, but would also like the communities opinion.

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I used to think epsxe was the best until I joined the community and promptly switched after seeing all the reasons why it was not.
I personally have no issues with its ban.


Fine by me, although Ive always thought the show the emulator window thing is rather pointless.


I am perfectly fine with taking a runners word for it on submissions and simply requiring they state which emulator the used in the description, such as ' Played on Bizhawk'

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Since we have the approval of 2/3 of the mods, I'm hoping to get feedback from mpap soon but these rules will most likely be in place with in the week.

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yeah, if you guys think its best. I dont know much about other potential emulators, but if there are strange inaccuracies, best to ban it now rather than later I guess.

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Rules have been updated and will be in effect as of the 27th of August 2020. At Jorf's suggestion you are not mandated to show the window, but it is preferred that you do so, and you must state which emulator is being used. Thanks everyone for the quick feedback.

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Just out of curiosity, how can you show the emulator window? I don't think I've ever cropped them on OBS etc.

On that, is there a preferred emulator for Apocalypse?

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I am not certain, you would most likely have to finagle with desktop capture and then resize the region, as window capture will typically snap inside the box.

I would say apocalypse has not been extensively tested but all accepted emulators should run relatively well. Bizhawk (link in the rules) is the one that comes most recommended in general.

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The following rules are up for discussion as of Feb 13th 2022
They will be implemented w/in the week barring no dissent

When streaming/recording a run you must be able to capture the window to show what emulator is being used.
BizHawk is able to display the status bar below the game window. That must be displayed.
DuckStation will has specific requirements below. You are able to run without showing the window.
You must also state what emulator is being used when submitting your run.

Accepted Emulators:
BizHawk 2.7 or newer (Octoshock and Nymashock are allowed).
DuckStation 0.1-4790-g50db81af or newer [Recommended]

Accepted Emulator on Mac:

BizHawk Setup:
Games can only run under the cue format.
• Config > Speed/Skip > Audio Throttle
If you're using the Octoshock core
• PSX > Options
• Select either mednafen mode option
To verify that you are running with Audio Throttle enabled you must hit the increase/decrease speed keys [plus/minus] it will display a message on screen.

DuckStation Dedicated Rules:
You must be using the NoGUI version, that means a keybind for Quick Menu is required.
These settings can be set in the Qt version of DuckStation.
You must show settings of the core settings before/after the run.
Your settings must match this:
Interface Menu (NoGUI Setting)
• Pause On Menu: Disabled
BIOS Settings
• Fast Boot: Disabled
Console Settings
• 8MB RAM: Disabled
• CPU Emulation - Execution Mode: Interpreter (Slowest)
• No change in Clock Speed
• CD-ROM Emulation to remain on defaults
• Async Readahead: Disabled (Synchronous)
• Read/Seek speedump set to None (Normal Speed)
• Preload Image to RAM: Disabled
• Apply Image Patches: Disabled
Emulation Settings
• Emulation Speed set to 100%
• Runahead: Disabled
Display Settings
• Auto (Game Native) or 4:3
• Cropping overscan is allowed
Enhancement Settings
• Widescreen Hack: Disabled
• Force NTSC Timings: Disabled
• Recommended: Keep PGXP Disabled
Custom settings are allowed for anything that isn't mentioned such as internal resolution scale.
We would allow enabling "Show Enhancement Settings" to simplify the end user side, however some of the settings do not appear if they're enabled.

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