Forums  /  Age of Empires series  /  Age of Empires  /  odenathus vs persians WR is 6:28?

current leaderboard says record is 8:44, but this video by big bassie is 6:28

or have I missed something?

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I guess it was never submitted. I'll add it for now, dunno if there was a reason for it not being submitted in the first place or if it was forgotten


I think the reason BigBassie30 didn't submit it because it's not kind of his favorite and not special to be proud of. There are still tons of his run on his channel which are faster than on the current leaderboard but not submitted (like Mountain Temple, Syracuse, Canyon of Death, I Shall Return, Spartacus etc)


Yes that's true. I created the video's first as some kind of speedrun compilation. Only then I selected some that I liked to claim the WR. Perhaps I will claim some more too in the near future. Perhaps I will try to improve some. Not sure yet. And yes, I tend to claim those that make me proud. Ctesiphon and Great Hunt in particular.


I would really prefer that the leaderboards be accurate, so that especially WRs shouldn't be left off of it, but I won't forcibly submit them.