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Thread: Emulators

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I don't run this game, just watch runs, but I follow Super Metroid quite closely. There have been many comparisons and tests of that game between multiple platforms and emulators; SM being a SNES game, I think some of it translates and I hope my intrusion won't be too bothersome.

RetroArch with bSNES core could be added as a suggested emulator, since it is one of the best emulators in terms of input latency and it uses bSNES core.
In my opinion and experience playing SM, snes9x isn't reliable in terms of lag (has way less than it should) and the frame rate is not the same as SNES either (even versions higher than 1.5x have 59.94 compared to 60.09). I find it hard to suggest this one seeing there are so many better options nowadays.
Another thing is that no difference was found in SM 100% TAS using bSNES core Performance vs. Accuracy, and performance is much better on CPU usage.

I don't mean to impose and obviously these are two different games, just adding some information I picked up after many emulator discussions in SM discord.


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Thread: Power scout

Started by: TheEnddTheEndd

I think it triggers as you are in the sight of 5 enemies.
If you don't trigger power scout when you are ready to shoot the leader, go back a bit from the exploded gate and then go in again until it triggers. This put you out of sight from some enemies and then make you scout 5 again. (ofc you can run out of AP 😕 if unlucky).
I think it is a similar principle with tank Slayer (or fearless will): if you refresh the conditions to trigger, you can keep retrying it. Tank Slayer sees a new tank after ladders (I think ), fearless will triggers on interception shots at you and for power scout you "hide" to see less than 5 enemies and then see 5 or more again to try to trigger again.

That's how I feel it works anyways.


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Thread: Other boss RTAs

Started by: nhammennhammen


For Botwoon RTA, check out behemoth's runs on his twitch profile (behemoth87).
My guess is that draygon RTA would be botwoons's extended.
Both without gravity, which is really slow to get.

Ridley would probably be KR and would get good items in the way: wave, hjb, speed, ammo, etc. I guess lower norfair would look like prkd any% without gravity.

This is an estimated guess, the exact combination of items would have to be looked into. I haven't seen people look into these rtas, since they are longer and require other bosses to be killed in the way.

You forgot GT rta btw 🙂. Would be like any GT or GT classic, but with extra items to kill GT, like charge and other beams.

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