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Forum: Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Thread: Super Mod

Started by: antholeanthole

I'd like to get mod/super mod on this game. I'm the only one I know that has run the any% of the original game and I'd like to add that as an actual category, instead of what is up there now (which is game + expansion)

I've posted about rule changes and tried reaching out to mods but they seem to be inactive.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thread: Important topic: Of the 10 unofficial proposed categorys which one do you think deserves to be the official category?

Started by: thenesmasterthenesmaster

Really feel like they should be Misc. categories if anything - none of them should be a main category.

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Forum: Contra

Thread: Co-op legitimacy

Started by: AngrylanksAngrylanks

Even though I think the run is awesome, co-op runs really should include both runners the entire time. Death abuse seems fine but game overing to avoid certain sections of the game seems pretty cheap. Both players should definitely be required to play throughout without a game over.

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Forum: Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Thread: Any% Timing

Started by: CorneluCornelu

Since the IL leaderboards allow for 4X timing, the any% should as well, no?

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Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thread: WE ARE ALL Waiting for a Glitchless category.

Started by: OReONoRCalOReONoRCal

Standing on a ledge to attack a boss or using boss stunlocks are definitely not glitches. Why purposely make a fight riskier by fighting wildly in any speedrun, glitchless or not? It's not breaking the game or playing it unintentionally; Donatello's weapon has reach for a reason. This isn't like using select to damage the Yellow Devil in Mega Man 1 but more like saying using Metal Blade against Metal Man in Mega Man 2 refights is a glitch because it kills him in one or two hits - or even more so, using Toad to quick kill the Birdos in Super Mario Bros 2 because he can pick up and throw mushroom blocks faster than Birdo can spit out eggs. Some things are just mechanics of the game or good game play decisions, not glitches.

To get Shredder to be stunlocked, you have to bring scrolls from way earlier in the game and not use them or limit the use of them until after the huge gauntlet in the hallway. This is akin to bringing a fire flower from previous levels in SMB1 to the final castle and using it to take Bowser out from afar - there are no power-ups in the final castle so one has to not take damage to use the item to their advantage to make that fight easier. Again, this just breaks down to good game play over a game breaking glitch.

The scroll weapon exchange is also questionable since, as Kavoc pointed out, you can switch any sub-weapon and it does the damage of your main weapon. Forgive me if I'm wrong but wouldn't this mean that, when shooting the last of a sub-weapon, it would automatically do the damage of your main weapon? Does that mean that in a glitchless category, using the last of any sub-weapon would be banned by default? Would a pause to wait until it hits before switching back to the main weapon be required?

Regarding RNG manipulation, like Toad said - hard to track. And would waiting for an enemy to fall into the water in the sewers to make getting past a section a glitch or RNG manipulation? It's definitely an enemy movement manipulation - Why ban one but not all?

Not opposed at all to a glitchless category, though I probably wouldn't personally run it. Just feel that what is defined as a glitch should be a lot more consistent and clear.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thread: Glitchless Category

Started by: 102802

I was running this awhile back - never got a run I was happy with but I certainly wasn't doing 100% of the speedstrats. Wouldn't ask for a "75% glitches" category because I didn't want to learn the final stage glitches. I can somewhat understand wanting a separate category for no glitches but also can see why it would all fall under the any% umbrella. It's not like entire stages are skipped from the glitches, just some sections.


Forum: Zooming Secretary

Thread: Video Proof?

Started by: KyhYangKyhYang

The whole reason this site exists is to provide proof of runs, not arbitrary statements. If someone can get away with showing just splits, links to dead videos, or a simple line of text saying that your neighbor's dog and uncle who works at Nintendo saw you get a time in a game, then what's the point of having leaderboards at all? I would argue that ALL boards should require video verification, regardless of the time... if some communities only want it for top time, so be it. But a solo run on a board? It should absolutely have a video showing that the run was done.

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Forum: Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

Thread: Can we get Easy added?

Started by: antholeanthole

Would like to see this added as I plan to run both Normal and I have a run for easy.

I'd also like to be added as a mod of this board if at all possible! thanks