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I wanted to know how timing worked for this game from a moderation standpoint. i.e. if we time only to the full second, round up, round down etc.

You see, I've been trying to bring the Any% time down as far as I can. Weseykone's current record is listed as a 4:56 which I believe would be right. Their timer was ended at a high decibel (.91 to be exact) so I'd imagine rounding up makes sense.

But today I achieved this run which was a 4:55.49

Comparison video starting from first frame of intro text:

I don't want to be presumptuous and list it as a 4:55 if we round up. But I wanted to check with the mods before submitting the run to make sure the time was listed properly according to the rules. I guess I'm mostly asking because I happened to get almost dead in the middle of the second.


I enabled millisecond precision on submissions, which i think is the fairest way to resolve this kind of thing. I went through and edited runs that had tied times with other runs.

We don't actually have precision down to the 1 millisecond, because that would require an autosplitter that does precise measurements on the computer that the game is running on. (and even then, precision tighter than 1 frame is a generally dubious concept.) But precision within 100 milliseconds seems easy enough to estimate by looking at the video, and that much precision resolves all the ties on the leaderboard today.


That makes sense.

I did notice one thing on the leaderboard right now, Weseykone's run is listed as a 4:56.91 when I believe it was actually a 4:55.91 (I might have caused confusion when I said his run was a high decibel, I meant a high 55 not a high 56). Unless you re-timed and got something different?

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i frame-counted that one a while back (before i got mod) and it's definitely a 4:56. i'll redo it now we have milliseconds and put in the final time (tbh i thought the reason it was on the board as a 4:56 was because it had been retimed prior to verification)

for reference, i time from the first frame of the main menu text darkening to the last frame of young's movement in the water

(edit: 4:56.433 is the final time. sorry wesey 😅)


btw, for future reference, speedrunning as a rule always rounds down. so even if someone got a 4:59.9x, they would have a "sub-5"/4:59. it's convention to just lop off the decimal points for considering something's time in less precise increments as opposed to rounding up (this is also how things work for less precise decimal points, so a 4:58.97 would be a 4:58.9 to the first decimal place rather than a 4:59.0)