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I have been thinking about what my next game to speedrun should be which time and time again leads me to this game. I look at the video and I can't remember why I am not already running it. Then I see that emulators are banned and I remember why.

Is it really not better to unban emulators and let more people test out and play this speedrun? I think that there is a lot of potential in this game but if no one can play it it all goes to waste.

Have a good one and get back to me!


Hey Sebson,
The emu ban was in effect when I started running this game. I'm happy to allow emulators, with the condition that WR cannot be on emu?



Sounds like a fair middle ground to me! When I get some time I'll have a closer look at the game then! 😃


Cool! If you have Discord, I can set up a server to discuss strats/routes and stuff, there’s lots of new stuff since the last WR