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They have not been approved for over 30 days


Hi ThePigKing, according to the dashboard your runs have been checked and approved already. The runs we have received are Cutlery cuts, Medium hard kopter level, Backlash and El Legendo Begins. Are there any missing, or can't these be viewed from the level leaderboard?


Strange, I have 3 runs awaiting to be approved.
Must be a site bug, i'll talk to the site admins about it. Explains why my runs from other games haven't been verified either.


My runs are still not verified, I don't think it's a site bug. I'll try contact the super mod somewhere else.


Sorry, i havent been that active. The only reason i'm super mod is because i suggested helping out with the theme layout to the guy that used to mod this, but he became inactive, so it's just me. I need help, do you want to be a moderator?


I don't want to become a moderator, I probably won't be running the game much. I just want my 3 IL runs verified.