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Thread: Help for Livesplit please

Started by: SoDesuSoDesu

enable global hotkeys


Forum: Penumbra: Black Plague

Thread: guide to the other method than the milk

Started by: 0noya0noya

Setting up the green barrel is for a clip that saves like 3.5-4 seconds later, optional
You can also do the door glitch to prevent clarence's control effects but that just loses time.


Forum: Darksiders 3

Thread: Console version

Started by: NuZNuZ

I believe if you use any digital versions the game will automatically update so you'll be running on current patch which is really slow since every glitch has been patched out. the only benefit to running on console is the unpatched version (which pre dates the PC release) so it has the infinite item jumping stuff.

tl;dr you'll probably need the disc version and also disable updates


Forum: Penumbra: Black Plague

Thread: Ruleset Changes and New Category (2019)

Started by: andyrockin123andyrockin123

In light of a recent routing discovery, the official timing method for this game now allows for reloading via the pause menu during runs. This allows the new route to save as much time as possible in Any%, while also making the game more accessible to newer runners who don't want to grind for a single segment run in a game as reset heavy as Black Plague.

Because of this, the official timing method will be the time displayed on Livesplit with the load remover, NOT the In-Game Time displayed at the end of runs.

In addition, some runners have requested a category be made for the usage of Quicksaves and Quickloads (a dev function only usable if enabled in settings.cfg). So the "Quicksaves Allowed", or QSA, misc category has been added. This function allows you to play more risky, and also skip up to 25 seconds worth of cutscenes.

Thanks for reading, good luck on your runs,


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Forum: Darksiders 3

Thread: IGT Added to Leaderboards

Started by: andyrockin123andyrockin123

(edited: )

Heads up for all runners, IGT has been added to the leaderboards. It is currently set as priority (meaning a faster IGT will appear higher on the leaderboard than a faster real time).

For PC: Use the time from Livesplit with the load remover
For Console: Pretty much ignore anything having to do with game time and only worry about the Real Time submission.

Please make sure to use the correct load remover for your patch, they're both available from a download in the Resources tab on the left.


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Forum: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Thread: What does/doesn't count as a glitch?

Started by: Nerd_SquaredNerd_Squared

Glitchless runs have definitely been QUITE loosely defined in the past for HPL games, and seeing as effort was made to make a distinction between No OoB and Glitchless for this game in particular, it seems to me that Glitchless should be quite strict in whats allowed. Imo should be as close to the dev intended gameplay route as possible.

With that said, I'd say yes to the quick ladder climbs, but no to the alley strat

just my 2 cents though /shrug


Forum: Penumbra: Black Plague

Thread: Is it legit to change the DPI of my mouse during speedrun ?

Started by: XeonskiXeonski

personally i feel like if its nothing something you have to do from outside the game with extra software, it shouldn't be allowed.

however, thats just me, if others chime in with different points of view feel free


Forum: Outlast Category Extensions

Thread: macca% HYPE

Started by: SnoozexdSnoozexd


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Forum: Penumbra: Overture

Thread: 1.0

Started by: NaywynNaywyn

While I surely can't condone piracy, the devs have left us no way of acquiring a depatched version, so you'd probably have to "get creative" in finding one.


Forum: Penumbra: Overture

Thread: LiveSplit load remover

Started by: JackeyJackey


I can think of two problems you may be having:
1) You have the wrong version of Penumbra: Overture so its not compatible with the load remover. The version for the load remover is 1.07 or something like that, because this version allows for the inventory jumping glitch. The steam version currently doesn't have a load remover (You could just submit RTA times for now if you so desire).

2) You have the right version of the game, but unlike Black Plague where you only have to hit "activate" in LiveSplit, you have to manually add this load remover. To do so, right-click LiveSplit > Edit Layout > Click the "+" > Control > Scriptable Autosplitter, then select the file you downloaded in the resources section.

I hope that answered any questions 🙂


Forum: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Thread: Input Display

Started by: SkyreonSkyreon


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Forum: Outlast

Thread: Outlast Load Remover not working?

Started by: jabbathehut2jabbathehut2

Alls you have to do is:
Open Livesplit
Right click > Edit Splits
Make sure the Game Name is set to Outlast, then a button that says "Activate" should appear. Click that, and hit OK. This is the same as manually installing the load remover (and a lot easier).


Forum: Penumbra: Black Plague

Thread: Examination Room, run killer

Started by: GlaivedGlaived

Here's an old thread from SDA laink made that explain the softlock in the last room and how to avoid it:

(tl;dr - go in front of the last door until the lights turn on and you wont softlock)

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Forum: SOMA

Thread: Looking to learn and run any %

Started by: EpicNessEpicNess

Unfortunately there is no (active) Discord server for this game/community. But, here is a tutorial made by Sychottix, that goes over the full any% route:

(it might be slightly out of date, but you can view the WR run for reference on the rest of the stuff)


Forum: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Thread: Long loading times

Started by: SperkanoSperkano

You're supposed to click to advance text on load screens. Optimally, you can just hold Mouse 1

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Thread: Male Ward Skip frames

Started by: AlexDrizzyAlexDrizzy

If you get stuck in the wall you paused too early, and if you go into the hallway its too late. Sorry that there's not more info on the timing, but its more of a feel thing.

To boost up make sure you're just holding movement keys, don't jump until after you're on top of the hallway.

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Forum: Outlast

Thread: Bhop Rules

Started by: andyrockin123andyrockin123

For the sake of clarity/equality for runners, here are the current rules for Bunnyhopping:

-Jump cannot be bound to scrollwheel
-No macros/file editing to simulate bhops
-You may still do long jumps with precise space bar jump timing

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