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So while I was running this Sasam pointed this out to me and it worked pretty much every time I didn't physically forget how many jumps I had.

When you do the glitch 4 jump on the third jump when you hold down Float and get ready to do the 4th jump if you use the space bar on the keyboard instead of controller to jump it will work pretty much every time.

For some reason it's considered to be within the frames?


I don't recall if anyone ever mentioned this trick before... It's really as simple as plugging in another input device (using two keyboards also works), holy crap.

Man, you've opened a can of worms here. It kinda feels like using turbo buttons on non-standard controller and that's usually disallowed. It's also likely not possible on consoles (could someone verify?). I'm skeptical about allowing that but the worst thing is that it's basically impossible to tell whether someone is using that trick or not, unless they include keyboard cam footage, so I may be left with no choice but to allow that after all.

I'd like to hear what others' opinion about this, maybe someone else still checks this place every now and then.


You still need to remember to swap over to the keyboard on the final jump but it makes it way more consistent.

Also while Turbo is usually not allowed plenty of games allow between swapping of controllers.
If anything it seems like it would add more to the runs in general


Another note for jumping in general and I felt stupid after.

Alice gains height the longer you hold the button. This counts for every jump and makes a huge difference once you get the hang of the jumping. I imagine most runners knew this but for anyone reading this who may be new. You're welcome


I mentioned this like 2-3 years ago when I tried to learn it but the community back then just didn't care about new runners and was barely even active at the best of times. I honestly just assumed that's how most people were doing it so consistently because I know personally I cannot mash my finger fast enough to do it normally. It's just something I can't do. It's something a LOT of people can't do.

Also, the game is designed to allow two input devices and to seamlessly swap between them, that is something the game is designed to do. It's less like nitro or turbo and more akin to plugging in two gamecube controllers in a gamecube or two NES which is actually used in various. Games like Catherine that have 1 Player 2 Controller categories or 4Sword adventure which uses a gamecube controller and an advanced at the same time. A lot of games on console have abuses using multiple controllers.

Also this greatly opens the path for more accessibility from runners. You've had 2 new runners in 2 years. One of which used this after I told them. That's not a good track record. And making it easier and more consistent to learn would not only most likely bring in more runners but also help current runners improve their times with consistency. This game is hard enough to learn even using the keyboard glitch. I had to give up after around 12 hours of never getting the underwater graveyard wrong warp.

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Alright, looking at the discussion here and at most runners think that the trick should be allowed.

I'm going to update the rules so everything will be clear from now on.

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