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Thread: UPDATE: Time Thresholds for Video Requirement

Started by: amberamber

oh, runs performed on cartridge should still be submitted with their actual recorded time. the threshold for proof for cartridge runs are a minute & 20 seconds slower for 48- and 16-track runs, respectively. that's all. hope that clears things up.

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: UPDATE: Time Thresholds for Video Requirement

Started by: amberamber

oddpandemonium, what do you mean? i don't see how retimings could change with this rule.

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Thread: UPDATE: Time Thresholds for Video Requirement

Started by: amberamber

For 48- and 16-Track categories, runs faster than the following times must have video proof. For runs performed on Cartridge, add 1 minute to the time requirement of 48-Track runs and 20 seconds to 16-Track runs, to account for load differences.:
- 150cc:
48 tracks, no items: 1:51:00
48 tracks, items: 2:00:00
Nitro, no items: 39:00
Nitro, items: 42:00
Retro, no items: 36:30
Retro, items: 39:30
Bonus, no items: 36:00
Bonus, items: 39:00

- 200cc:
48 tracks, no items: 1:28:00
48 tracks, items: 1:34:00
Nitro, no items: 30:30
Nitro, items: 32:30
Retro, no items: 29:00
Retro, items: 31:00
Bonus, no items: 28:30
Bonus, items: 30:30
- For Cup categories, the top 5 times require video proof.

The Game & Category Rules for each category have been changed to reflect this.

These times were decided upon collectively by the mod team. All runs that were submitted before today are exempt from this and will remain on the leaderboards, including the runs from the last 3 weeks that were verified today (We are deeply sorry for allowing the submission pile to build up like that, and we will try our best to not have it happen again).

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Thread: Accidentally sent in wrong run

Started by: JackBJackB

didn't read this until i rejected the run. my bad - please resubmit with 200cc 🙂


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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

If I could get my username changed to "amber" that would be swell, thank you


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Thread: Leaderboard problem?

Started by: [Deleted user]

I think it's because he registered his time both as real-time and in-game time. If a Moderator could remove the in-game time from his entry, his time would be put in the right spot.


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Thread: 100% no badges?

Started by: HarpoonCannonHarpoonCannon

I think that, at it's core, Yoshi's Woolly World is an platformer that rewards exploration, and the Magnet Badge reduces the amount of exploration done. However, banning a mechanic of the game to make the run slower still doesn't seem right. I'm with SSR on this one. I'm fine with a no-badges category - I'll probably run it in addition to regular 100% - but I think it's best left in misc.


Forum: Yoshi's Woolly World

Thread: Category and Leaderboard Discussion for All

Started by: socialspeedrunnersocialspeedrunner

Hi, i'm a new streamer who is learning the 100% run. I think that the 100% run should be all hearts, stamp coins, yarn, and flowers in all levels, because that's the closest thing to a legitimate 100% in the game.

Of course, I'm still learning the run and I haven't submitted anything to yet, so my opinion might have literally no weight to it. I just wanted to put my two cents out there.