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Forum: My Nintendo Picross - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Thread: Anybody in touch with mods?

Started by: PearPear

Try joining the discord server here

You should be able to get in touch with both mods via that server.

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Forum: Pokémon Picross

Thread: would cheat-sheets be useful to people?

Started by: HowDenKingHowDenKing

A Pokemon picross guide dues exist here https:/​/​apps.​keeky.​net/​pokemon/​picross/​ but it isn't the most useful during multi level speedruns as you would have to keep changing the level on the website

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Forum: Picross S

Thread: Submitting a 0s IL

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

qwertylool and I did key in 0s, and there is currently no way to submit a 0s time.

edit: decided to just submit it as a 1s time


Forum: Picross S2

Thread: Add millisecond

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

My reason for 1ms, was because in the e2 leaderboard, 0s in game time shows up as 0.001 on the leaderboard

but thanks for accurately timing it


Forum: Picross S2

Thread: Add millisecond

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

Mods, may you also please make it so I can enter 2 names in 2 player mode?


Forum: Picross S2

Thread: Add millisecond

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

I got a 0 second alien in 2 player mode (me + qwertylool)

may you please add milliseconds so I can set the time of this run to 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds, 001 milliseconds?


Forum: Pokémon Fan Games

Thread: Why is pokeclicker in that pokemon rom hacks?

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

Pokeclicker isn't a rom hack, it's a fangame, so why is it in here?


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Thread: Amiibo

Started by: bobakanoosh55555bobakanoosh55555

You just made it more alive...


Forum: Valentine's Day 2017

Thread: Low%?

Started by: dancingbranchdancingbranch

Ghana is beatable with 6 or 7. I have gotten 7 twice but I didn't record either time 😛

I do not know if it is possible with 6.


Forum: This is a platformer without a story

Thread: Glitches

Started by: amazingpikachu_37amazingpikachu_37

can anyone find any use for the second glitch or make the menu skip work more consistently?


Forum: PokeClicker

Thread: Does anybody have any ideas on how to do ILs?

Started by: MewshmallowMewshmallow

I guess that could work {:'-D


Forum: PokeClicker

Thread: Changing System Clock?

Started by: griffin104griffin104

I thought it might reset underground {:}

If nothing happens, it is still allowed {:'-D


Forum: PokeClicker

Thread: Mod?

Started by: griffin104griffin104



Forum: PokeClicker

Thread: All Routes Ending

Started by: SpidersNRapSpidersNRap