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Hi all,
I became Mod on this board this week and noticed that the times are in Milliseconds, but no precise timing start/end rules have been set.

I tried taking the existing rules and specifying them further down, so that it is consistent with the existing runs and for future runs, it's clear how to time. (One run had to be retimed - the one from @wanderson921wanderson921 - and is now ~0.1 seconds faster than before).

So here's a little "tutorial" of how to properly time your run.


Rule: "Timer starts on pressing the start button (last frame that "Start" is fully visible, with arrow)".

Most of the time, the transition after pressing "Start" will be easy to spot, with the "arrow" before start and incoming white pixels at the top and bottom:

It is possible though that the transition only shows up below, like this the following (in this case, please make sure to still take the frame _before_ the transition starts):


Rule: "Timing ends when last stairs are entered (first frame that Tater is not visible anymore)."

This one is really simple and easy to spot.

Calculating time between start and end frame

Now that you have the frames, how to measure the time between them?

• Youtube: You can navigate with "." and "," until you find the right frames and then put them here:
Be sure to get the right FPS and it will calculate the time between the start and end frame.
• Video editing software: Usually some kind of timer is available which can be used to count frames or time directly. There's VSDC for example which is free and has a timer available.
• Twitch: Not sure yet (please let me know if you know!) try with one of the methods above.

Thanks for noticing.

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