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I'm looking 100% run and asking why you don't pick-up the arrow and bomb upgrade? It's that to avoid farming ruby or for an other reason, like because nothing show it in menu or main screen?


Yeah Zigouigoui, our 100% definition is things shown on the main item menu. It doesn't show anywhere that you acquire them unless you have higher than base max of the item (also farming rupees and throwing them in a pond is super boring)


Any% guide WutFace


bsnes is the best SNES emulator by a large margin. If your computer can use that one, then use it.

ZSNES is basically lagless, and Snes9x is more accurate than ZSNES, but its still crap compared to bsnes.

If you can't use bsnes, then your only other option is Snes9x pretty much, but its still not accurate.


Is latest version of higan OK? (byuu renamed bsnes to higan for anyone wondering). Which profile (accuracy/balanced/performance) do you recommend?


I'm new to running alttp and I can't figure out how to do the eg glitch or eg warping, help?


Save & Quit while in mid-air after jumping off a ledge. It'll set you up for the glitch. Then load your file, go upstairs in Hyrule Castle, go in the door on the left, and get hit by the guard.


Is there a complete guide for all the clips used in RBO?


I just made a few more tutorials for rbo tech here:

Hopefully that covers what you need to know if you want to do a run, although there are a few unique clips which are either unnecessary or you can probably figure out from watching a run.
Let me know if you have any trouble with something specific I'll try to help if I can.


I have a question about what platform I should list my run as. Due to me not owning a fully functional SNES and not owning a capture card to capture SNES footage, a I'm currently using an SNES emulator (bsnes Balanced in RetroArch) so that I can record with something like OBS. However, the .smc I am using is an NTSC rom obtained from me dumping the Virtual console version of the game from my Wii, rather than a rom obtained from dumping my SNES cartridge (I don't know how to do that) or SNES warez (I am not going to do that).

Two Questions:
A: Are there any differences between the US Virtual Console .smc and a standard USA/NTSC cartridge .smc other than the checksum (The checksum is wrong because the audio format is different)?
B: When I submit a run, I am not entirely sure if I should list my platform as "SNES [Emu]" or "WiiVC [Emu]", because it's being run on an SNES emulator but is using the WiiVC version of the game. Could I get some help determining which platform to list my runs as?



I'm thinking of maybe running LTTP no major glitches. Does 'death abusing' in the rules mean no intentional dying to get back somewhere else quicker?


Yes Tkrens. It means that you can't save warp, and you can't die intentionally as a loophole to get around the save warp rule.


I'm looking to buy a Japanese 1.0 cart, and need some help identifying 1.0 vs 1.1. The internet says that if it has two numbers, then it's 1.0, and if it has two numbers and a letter, it's a 1.1. What do I do about 3 numbers?


I'm looking to get into speedrunning this game. A few people are using the emulated version according to the leaderboards. What Emulator should I use, and what version of the game?


For new runners, Snes9x 1.53 is probably your best bet for emulators. It's fairly easy to set up, pretty much any computer from the past 10 years can run it, and it's accurate enough to not be banned. People who play the game casually will sometimes recommend ZSNES, because some people think the UI is pretty and it can run on pretty much any computer from the past 20 years. But don't use ZSNES for speedrunning as it is banned. I am not aware of the EXACT reason for why ZSNES is banned, but I'm fairly certain that it is either:
the game runs at a faster framerate
has faster loading
has inaccurate timing
or some combination of the three. Here is an example by Cosmo for why Project 64 2.0 is banned for OoT

The same principle probably applies to ZSNES. Snes 1.43 is also banned, likely for similar reasons.
If you have decent PC, you should probably run higan balanced build, as it will be more accurate. I personally run bsnes in RetroArch, which is basically the same as higan but is more complicated to set up. Don't ever run bsnes accuracy or higan accuracy. You need some form of unholy super saiyan PC to run those, and the extra accuracy provided is unnecessary for this game, and for pretty much every other game ever. As far as I am aware, there is only one game that actually benefits from the accuracy build, and that game is A.S.P. – Air Strike Patrol (USA). It does weird things with the scan lines and the shadow underneath the ship doesn't appear on the balanced build. Unless you are playing Air Strike Patrol, which you aren't, save yourself some processing power and run the balanced build.

Now for game versions. The best version of the game is the Japanese 1.0 version. In addition to having faster text than the English version, it also has a variety of exclusive glitches, some of which do save a lot of time (mainly item dashing and spin speed). Follow this guide to determine the version (or ask the seller to check)
I found a Japanese cart that had what appeared to be 268, although the 8 was kind of faded and might have been a B. Just play it safe and look for a cart with only 2 numbers imprinted on the upper right corner of the back sticker. No letter = 1.0. Letter = Not 1.0.
You are probably better off running the English version while you are still learning the game, as being able to read the text can be helpful while learning the game, in the event that you need to talk to someone for something and you can't read Japanese. If you can read Japanese or you have already memorized the game, then you should feel free to get the Japanese 1.0 version. But until that point, English is fine.


Hi guys! New runner here. 😊 What exactly do you guys mean by Wii Virtual Console? Does Wii U count in that situation? Also, are there any Any% guides? If not I could easily do a different category but Any% looks so broken and fun. :3 Also I probably wont be submitting times mainly because I have no way of doing so and I like to do Speedruns for fun. I appreciate any replies and thanks for having me. 🙂


Wii Virtual Console is WiiVC or WiiU VC. No ruling has been made on the 3DS VC, I believe we need to figure out if it emulates lag correctly. A lot of people get started on emulator is well, so that's an easy way to do runs on Twitch. If you run the game on Twitch, very often other runners will pop in to watch and, if you want, offer suggestions.

Regarding Any% guides; Any% in Link to the Past is split into two categories. True Any% which is "Get to the triforce room ASAP by any means necessary" and the record for that is less than 2 minutes. It's a heavily glitched run that uses clipping, screen wrapping, and exploration glitch. There is a longer route that uses one easy exploration glitch and you can any% the game in 3 minutes using that path, but it's kind of boring.

The commonly run Any% is Any% No Save + Quit/OOB/EG/YBA, commonly referred to as No Major Glitches. This run allows some minor glitches and mechanic abuse (spin speed, item dashing, bomb jumps), but doesn't allow use of out of bounds, layer hopping, or major shenanigans to sequence break. The record for THAT run is 1:23:42, and most new runners start at around 2 hrs if they practice first. There are plenty of guides for that. A lot of runners start with FruitBats' tutorial, but it is run on the English version (so it doesn't have the allowed version) and is very much geared towards beginners. RunnerWatcher also has a tutorial on his twitch channel, and Andy did a 8 hr long tutorial a few years ago that is pretty much a room-by-room walkthrough of the game.

The best suggestion I have is, watch runs first. Watch some top-tier folks like Xelna (WR holder), SleepyNicholas, BluntBunny, JoeDamillio, Adde, Timmon, etc. to see how the game should be played. Watch ACMLM's runs (have to go into his highlights) to see how one can get a 1:25 with safer, more consistent strats. Check out some of the 1:3x/1:4x runners as well, because you certainly won't jump straight to 1:2X level play. Watch how the good players move, and copy that as best as you can.

A good time in this game is 100% dependent on good movement. Watching the first two dungeons of Xelna's 1:23 and my 1:40, when he's already 30 seconds ahead after the second dungeon, you'll see right away that good movement saves a lot of time, fast. It adds up very quickly over the run.

Also, many people suggest just starting with Master Sword runs; doing the first three dungeons and collect the master sword. It's a great way to learn movement and tech without having to jump straight into 2+ hr early runs. That way, when you're ready to run the full game, you'll already have decent movement.

The game is very fun to learn and run. There's a very active community, we have casual races a lot, and a large tournament starting on March 28th where you'll see a lot of good (and not so good, but still fun!) game play.

Fruitbats' tutorial is here:
RunnerWatcher's tutorial in 3 parts:
Andy's tutorial is here:
There is a big knowledge dump by the former WR holder here:

Have fun!