No Major Glitches - Any% in 1h 24m 44s by BuaneBuane (Obsolete)

2 beebs, can't do aga2

Blue Balls: 2

Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on

Submitted by BuaneBuane on

Verified by screevoscreevo on


Name Duration Finished at
Escape 5m 52s 454ms 5m 52s
Eastern Palace 5m 00s 288ms 10m 52s
Desert Palace 6m 12s 150ms 17m 04s
Tower of Hera 5m 26s 997ms 22m 31s
Aga Tower - -
RNG 6m 52s 400ms 29m 24s
Palace of Darkness 6m 15s 140ms 35m 39s
Thieves Town 7m 12s 307ms 42m 51s
Skull Woods 5m 22s 205ms 48m 13s
Ice Palace 6m 18s 408ms 54m 32s
Swamp Palace 8m 23s 299ms 1h 02m 55s
Misery Mire 5m 33s 047ms 1h 08m 28s
Turtle Rock 7m 04s 430ms 1h 15m 33s
Ganon's Tower 7m 20s 432ms 1h 22m 53s
Triforce 1m 50s 801ms 1h 24m 44s
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