Submitting another runner’s run
5 years ago

There is a very good NMG S+Q run that is not on the LB:

According to the description it is supposed to beat Xelna’s 1h 21m 46s by 13 frames.

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Ah, now THERE’S a can of worms I’m gonna leave closed.

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For real talks though, wq doesn't want his runs on here


When I first got that answer coming from a mod, I though that the run was probably a well known cheated run or something. My bad but I’d like to clarify this for others.

The wq run is assumed legitimate and it is not on the LB because there is now a rule on the LB that prevents users to submit runs from other runners. Wq is not submitting the run but he is NOT against having it submitted.

So, if the LB is missing a WR, it is not because he doesn’t submit, but because another player can’t do it anymore by the rules put in place.

The run still exist and is assumed legitimate.

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Did anyone even look at the video? This uses s+q so it breaks the rules for NMG Any% submission.

It could go on the extension tab for Any% with s+q, but it won't be unless the runner indicates he wants the run on there, which, to my understanding, he does not.

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We made a decision not to put up people's runs without their permission. We've also asked wq in the past if he'd be ok with us putting his runs up for him and he has not given us permission since his NMG no s+q was added ten months ago. If he ever gives us confirmation that he's ok with it we'll add them right away.

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@ChristosOwen Of course, that was for the NMG S+Q LB. And This is not true. He just didn't sumbit but he IS ok with it. @superSKUJ I have the confirmation proof that he's ok with having it on the LB, and it has been reported to mods. The decision was to strickly follow the new submission rules (and the spirit of it?). Just strange that a wr is missing on a LB. That NMG s+q is the fastest NMG run ever happened to this date. My only concern now is that I just wanted to clarify things because me and some other people had the impression that the run was not legit since a mod replied the "can of worms" comment.

Edit: He has multiple 1st place times now not on LB and multiple obsolete times still on the LB.

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I had a “last” discussion on this matter with a moderator. Here are the two sides summed up:

The issue : Wqqqqwrt’s runs (some wr) are not on the LB.

My opinion : it’s a mod decision that leads to the omission of wrs and Wq’s run. (Runs can’t be submitted by others even with runner’s agreement and even if there are obsolete runs already on LB under the username.)

Mod’s opinion : Wqqqqwrt is allowed to submit his runs to the LB and nothing prevents him of doing it. So there is no issue. He IS the only one responsible of the omission.

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even with runner’s agreement

He explicitly said that he does not want his runs on src yesterday.

Knowing how far up his asshole you've crawled the past couple weeks, I do wonder what your current stance is on the matter. Is wq wrong? Should we say "f your opinion wq, this is a lbs, and my opinion is so f good compared with other's so we should add it!"? This must surely be a big dilemma for you.

Mod’s opinion

Yeah they literally said that within 5 minutes of you asking this 2 weeks ago.