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Hi guys!
I need to talk to you about a glitch allowing you to fly out of bounds. I didn’t discover this glitch, as it was mentioned in a reddit post made 2 years ago, and a youtube video that I’m going to link, but I’m also going to tell you how to execute it and how it can be useful for speedrun.

First of all, how to go out of bounds?

We’ve all experienced that the game is pretty broken with its ground collisions. You have probably already seen a weird bug when you start to go under the texture, but you’re immediately pushed back above it. This happens a lot when you use the wingsuit and land on the ground.

To clip out of bounds, you have to reactivate the wingsuit at the very moment you land. You can do it with any character. There is no specific angle or speed you need to have when clipping through the ground, but you can’t activate this glitch anywhere. It seems some slopes work and some don’t. The temples is by far the most broken biome, with a lot of places where this glitch works.

Just try to land with the wingsuit multiple times and you should get it, like he does on this video:

So, now that we can clip through the ground, how to use it for speedrun?

First of all, the out of bounds glitch completely breaks Endless%. How? Well, if you’re under the ground and you run out of wingsuit, you’ll just fall infinitely. Nothing can kill you and nothing can make your position change, this is basically a softlock. You can backflip forever, but you can never land the combo. So, as it breaks Endless%, it should definitely be banned in this category.

But this is not the only interesting thing this glitch can do. The thing is, when you’re out of bounds, everytime you fly with the wingsuit, it’s considered as proximity wingsuit, so you get trick points only by flying. And the first backflip you do is always considered as a proximity backflip too, giving you 300 points easily.

With that in mind, I tried to see if this glitch can help us beat some records in the 20’000 Trick Points categories… And it does.

Here is the new 20’000 Trick Points record with Alto:

I’m now gonna explain the route I made to get 20'000 Trick Points faster.

First of all, activate the wingsuit. It should ideally take around 30 seconds, if you’re in the canyons (best biome for this run). Then, clip out of bounds. Keep the wingsuit on, or the game will put you back in bounds. Fly until you reach between 800 and 900 trick points with proximity wingsuit.

Then, deactivate the wingsuit. Not knowing where you are, the game will put you just before the last « block » of the game you just passed through. The block before that has already unload, so you are now levitating.

In this weird place, backflip 5 or 6 times, depending on the combo you had beforehand. Between every backflip, tap the wingsuit twice very quickly, to make sure every backflip you make is a proximity backflip (double backflips don’t give you as much points).

Then, reactivate the wingsuit to land the combo on the nearest ground you can find. You can re-enter the level from below, but be sure to be parallel to the ground you are about to touch, or you will die (similarly to when you fall from above).

The same setup works with Sumara too, but it’s slower than the normal combos you can do with her.

I know this trick is overcomplicated, so I’m gonna try to find a better and maybe faster setup. Can you try this glitch to see if it works for you too?

I think this should only be banned in Endless%, because I had much more fun doing this than just waiting for the walls to be perfectly aligned so I can get a fast normal combo ^^ What do you guys think?

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Here is another use of this glitch!

We can make even better combos with a larger pool, but this is the best one I got so far.

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