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Forum: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Thread: Why there no Turbo catagury?

Started by: almozayafalmozayaf

I'm just a watcher not a runner, but that make no sense to me, why there a category for no Turbo ? it just easy skip for story and animation, it dosn't effect the game play at all.
or am I missing anything?


Forum: Pokémon Sword/Shield

Thread: Categories/games

Started by: StrackelStrackel

Is Catch'em all category is possible ? sense so many need to be get from the other game?
maybe 75% pokedex?
or what the best number of pokemon we can get without help from someone who have the other game.

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Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: Who we should talk to to make Level Pack Mario Maker 2

Started by: almozayafalmozayaf

Who we should talk to to make something like this for Mario Maker 2

I was thinking IL of 12 levels add 1 new level each week voted by players


Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: PangaeaPanga broke record

Started by: Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer

Sadly I know few Youtubers and streamers who make great time in Super Expert mode (and Skipless too) I just think no one care about endless speedrun that much.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: question about recording

Started by: cygercyger

Get a tripod next time but I think it good


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: New any% WR

Started by: zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony

I'm Following the game so yes and I thing there so many people following it to, SMB Any% is news worthy so I can see that in youtube and other gameing sites soon


Forum: The Site

Thread: So many categories for unpopylar games

Started by: almozayafalmozayaf

I understand that a game need more then one category, but some games have so many and most the time games that unpopular like less then 10 active players

example :


I think this many categories hurt the game more then help, even for popular games I think there should be a limit


Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: Budget Capture Card

Started by: almozayafalmozayaf

Top 5 Budget Capture Cards In 2018!!!

My opinion :-
AGPtEK HD Game Capture 1080p30fps
Look like a good option for a speedrunner without any plan to make Twitch or youtube channel and no need to PC

But if you want to make Twitch or youtube channel go with "elgato game cap hd60 s"

avermedia is the worst don't take anything from them

or Find old DVD Recorder

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Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: New Misc. idea: 1, 2, 4, 8.

Started by: [Deleted user]

I think endless so random for a speedrun

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Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: IL run categories.

Started by: ReballReball

PangaeaPanga stages


Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: A tip to those who dont have capturecards

Started by: [Deleted user]

In the old days we used camera