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Hey guys,

I am trying really hard to speedrun this game but my character constantly falls straight through those platforms in Stage 2 and Stage 3 the enemies are on.

I tried jumping on them early, I tried waiting their "patterns" to stop and them jump, I even tried waiting like 10 seconds, but I just fall though dead in the middle of it.

Any help is appreciated.
For what it's worth I play on the US version


Yeah, those platforms are a pain. I don't even really know myself. I would love to have some inputs from Toothache on this, he is the scientist of this game and made the TAS of it.

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Yeah it would be nice especially stage 3 just falling all the time through them, lol.

I kind of figured out Stage 2 you have to kill the enemy super early so the "reserved time period" that you can not jump on it lapses. It's like almost 3 seconds.