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Hi there !

I'm going to try the glitch version of the run and I can't do two things on the first castle skip :
1) Jump from the stairs at the beginning of the glitch
2) Jump three times to take the burger without doing the boss

Can someone tell me something to help ?
Even better with a video record with inputs !

Thanks a lot 🙂


Have you checked out pho's video guide for the whole game? It has inputs shown too


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Thank you so much BenInSweden for sharing this and to Phozon for the video !
Will try it soon 🙂


There are three ways to get out of bounds on Lv 11.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to hold Up and Right as you ascend the ladder. On the exact frame that the upwards screen transition begins, release the Right button and this should begin the freefall. If this fails, head back down again (I use a PS4 controller so if I miss the frame-perfect input then I switch the way I hold the controller to try this alternative way), then head ever so slightly down the ladder and press Up; when you hit that same frame that the screen begins to transition, release Up and press Down. This will also begin the free fall.

The other way to do it is via pause buffering, but this can be painfully long and will cost you a lot of time if you mess it up. First, go to the second (upper) screen, then head back down the ladder. Before the screen has finished its transition, pause the game then unpause, and look to see how much of the block at the bottom of the screen is showing. If you paused with one or three quarters showing, then keep pause buffering until the screen is a quarter block below the bottom of the screen to initiate the free fall. If you paused and either half of the block or a whole block is showing, then you need to unpause and try to wait for one frame before pausing again.

I know that may not have made much sense, but try messing around with pause buffering and you'll get a feel for what I mean, just remember that it's the slower option.

To get back in bounds, you need to hold Right for the entire time that you are free-falling. as soon as you gain control of Alex on the three-jump screen, hold Jump and Right until Alex reaches the apex of the jump, at which point release Jump (never stop holding right). Try to time your second jump so that Alex jumps the moment he hits the ground; if you jump late you'll be positioned slightly further to the right than you need to be, which may mean that you'll jump up past the rice cake (?) and soft-lock the game.

As with the first jump, release the Jump button at the apex, then jump again as soon as Alex hits the ground. This time (on the third jump) you want to release Right and Jump at the same time, at the very apex of the jump. Then you need to do a frame perfect jump, and this is where 95% of your runs will die. You can either mash jump, or, you can try to time your button input for the exact frame. I prefer the latter.

The button push needs to be on the exact frame that the screen begins its downwards transition once more, so you can use that to gauge the timing. You can also use the rising plant as a visual cue, just bear in mind that it travels upwards one pixel every TWO frames, so it can be a bit tricky to use that alone. It will take a lot of patience and practise to perform that skip consistently.

You should make a save state just before that jump; if you miss it in a run, just load your state and carry on as practice; the final dungeon skip also takes a lot of practice, but is a LOT more consistent than the Lv 11 skip once you have it down. It took me nearly 1000 attempts before I was able to finish a single run where I successfully performed both skips successfully.

Also, this vid should help:

Oh, and congrats on the WR man, I will be trying to beat that time 😛
I ran our runs side-by-side, and we were exactly even going into the final castle, but I made a lot more mistakes than you. Well done dude!

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Thanks for all the tips dude ! And thanks for comming to my stream to help me 😉
This glitch is really difficult but now I succeed sometimes thanks to you 🙂
Good luck with the WR it can be done don't stop to try !

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