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So this is released on the switch now! It seems to almost exactly the same and emulated, but with some extra modes and quality of life stuff.

However there's also mappings for turbo-attack and turbo-jump available! What do people think of that? Allowed, from an official release? The turbo jump would allow the first castle skip to be free I think. (or maybe 50:50 if it's once every 2 frames?). Anywhere else while playing levels normally the turbo-jump is basically like a free 1 frame tap jump whenever you want 😉

I've found that the pausing to skip text boxes and first castle skip are still there. However I think the 1 block opening at the back of the final castle has been patched out (haven't checked that one on "original mode").


I don't understand all but If the switch version is too different and provide an advantage It should be banned.
I can't tell by myself. What do you think @btrimbtrim ?


ok, so I can confirm:

The last castle skip is patched. (maybe a new way involving ladders, like the first, can be found).

The first castle skip works 50% of the time with turbo-jump (it jumps every other frame).

turbo-jump is also helpful for flying helicopters perfectly 😉

I say this one should be legal, as it allows more people to get into the game, while not being able to do the final castle glitch means it doesn't have an overall advantage.
(oh i forgot about glitchless- where having a 1 frame jump tap on command with turbo is an advantage.. hmm)


For me the Switch version should be banned or at least the turbo-jump.
Is there a way to see it when used ?


There isn't a way to see for certain, no.
There is not a lot of advantage to it though. This is now an easy way to legally obtain the game, instead of having to effectively pirate it to run it on an emulator.
In my opinion, Emulated runs using keyboard already have a bigger advantage than original hardware, because of being able to precisely use arrow keys/press directions at the same time that would be more difficult or impossible on a dpad.
The Switch's only massive advantage (depending on your consistency at pressing a button frame perfectly) is always having a 50:50 chance to get castle 1 skip, but then that is negated by castle 2 skip not existing anymore, so all runs for that category would have to be 2 minutes slower anyway.

The rest of the game that isn't the turbo-buttons is exactly the same. Sure, we can say "don't use turbo" in the rules, but that doesn't stop anyone from using it fairly undetectably. So my vote is to just let people play this official version however they want. I don't think it gives a big enough advantage over any other method.


By castle 2 skip you mean the run with or without glitches ?
If anyone runing on switch loose at least 2 min in the two categories yeah let's them do.
Will not advice anyone to do so.


What about creating a new category?


Are the turbo mappings still there in original mode?

If so, I would just say adding "no turbo" to the rules would suffice unless we want to argue that the Japanese SMS (not the mark iii) had a rapid fire unit built in, so it technically has turbo, but it would be very awkward to turn on and off.

Are there any runs on the original mode such that this is a pressing issue?