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Hi im Benji and i started speedrunning 3/4 days ago i need help with some questions as im new here.

1. On generators i need to scroll my mouse really hard meanwhile i see top players do it in an instant do i just need a new mouse?

2. On basement I see the world record not jumping up and down when crouch + moonwalk? How so


there is a specific time when you start scrolling as spamming scroll is slower in most cases because the game just does not accept that many inputs at once. As Ripley's hand begins to come up from the pull down, that is when you can begin scrolling.

It's called psychorunning, a technique where you hold W, D, your sprint key, and periodically hit the crouch key and it allows for you to run silently. Keep in mind: when psychorunning, right turns are silent, however left turns have to be taken more carefully and can't normally be taken as sharply.

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@ShirakoShirako Thanks! that helps, but I know how to psychorun but not perfecktly how often do i press crouch? fast or slow?