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Hey there,

I got a problem here for quite some time now. If I hack a terminal too fastly, for some reason a symbol doesnt get logged in.


This especially happens with the last symbol a lot, like here:

So my guess is it is fps related.
But it looks very similar to using an empty box. When you loot it, its empty, you get right out with the radial-menu-button, you get back to use something else. But there is a small delay, before you can use something else. It is a little like that.

Any help appreciated!



When I made the hacking bot, I had to make sure to introduce artificial pauses so the game wouldn't eat the input. Around 17 ms for each keypress down, and 380 ms total between each symbol punched in. Those are the "safe" values where it will work all the time. That's what made it so difficult to hack Apollo without lowering it's defenses. Even with a lucky hack that had symbols close to each other on the left side (so you didn't have to move the cursor much and wasting time) it would still exceed the 2 second limit. The logic for solving the puzzles itself is done in a few milliseconds.

I ended up lowering the values so it would only work a fraction of the time and after many tries I got it.

So if you're faster than the safe values, the game won't register the input.


So thx again dcruze. This could be the reason. Maybe I'll try to change the way I hack and see if it makes a difference.

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