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An irregularity in runs submitted by TTVJeffNL was brought to the attention of the moderators of the Alien: Isolation leaderboards. In many of his prior runs, including both the NMG world record of May 13th (2:42:59 GT) and the May 8th organized NMG Race, we positively identified the change of damage values (damage received from enemies) and lower fuel consumption (fuel spent on using the flamethrower) in different degrees. Since the challenge of a speedrun of Alien: Isolation mostly depends on consistent ammo and health management to ensure the survival of crucial situations (like the confrontation with guards in Mission 16), those variables have to be considered vital and major in their importance for successfully finishing runs and getting good times.

These irregularities are still under close scrutiny, and a way to deal with them has to be found. Since it has become clear that irregularities in the above mentioned runs exist to varying degrees (also within the same variable), we cannot tell for sure to what extent former runs of TTVJeffNL include these or other irregularities. All of his runs were therefore taken off the leaderboards. After careful consideration of all the information, the need to maintain the integrity of the leaderboards as the foundation of our community, and with the intention of encouraging existing and future runners to fully stay aware of the responsibility for submitting clean and legit runs, TTVJeffNL will receive a temporary ban from submitting runs until the 30th of September (about 4 ½ months) as a penalty (including any runs done during this time for submission after the ban phase). Additional requirements, not yet determined, will be applied for run submissions after the ban period has expired.

This penalty has been chosen in comparison with other speedgame communities and their dealings with similar situations.

In the upcoming weeks, we will analyze how exactly the irregularities got into effect to present a way of preventing these kinds of incidents from happening in the future.

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