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A Hat in Time Forum  /  Should there be new run categories?

For an example, a category that involves yarn and rift tokens?


I don't really think so

There is more yarn in the game than you need, meaning that all other yarn is useless.
Rift Tokens are like puzzle pieces in DKCR: They are purely cosmetic (visually and audibly), and in no way affect the game.

The only Miscellaneous category that I see that would make an introduction is a category that also routes in the time-stop mask, but with it being a useless hat aswell, I feel like the current set of categories are more contributing to the scene.

But this is just me, what are the opinions of other players?

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I agree with what Riekelt said, yarn and rift tokens are pretty trivial for their own reasons, so full fledged categories seems like a bit much. I do, however, think that race categories potentially revolving around rift tokens, relics, or yarn could be kind of fun! Stuff like "craft the time stop hat" or "finish building two relics" or something might be fun!


I feel like a No Hat Run would be pretty interesting to route, but ultimately boring to play and watch considering no Sprint Hat making the run super slow. All Rifts would be too similar to All Time Pieces to warrant its own category. All Hats would be pretty interesting, but possibly long and boring because of how many damn yarns you need for Time Stop Hat.

One category that'd be a bit harder to track but I think could be pretty interesting would be All Achievements, which would be similar to ATP since there is an achievement for clearing every chapter, but with the additional challenge and routes of achievements like True Detective and the Dead Bird Studio achievement (can't remember the name but that one was tough).

If we were looking for meme categories though, we desperately need a Corgi Quest 7: The Leashes that Bind [demo] category. I've been asking for this since the game released almost a month ago. It's time.


Yarn and rift tokens would actually alter the routes quite a bit. For an example in the final level.

If pons wouldn't respawn, it would make some very extensive pon hunt runs but for that a mod and some level tweaks would be needed (hard to do as different chapters have different structures).


I can't see many main or misc categories emerging from Yarn or Rift Tokens, but I'd be super interested in Bingo which incorporates goals like "Acquire X number of Rift Tokens" or "Craft the Time Stop Hat"


The only potential category I think that people would be interested in running besides the existing board categories would be a low% run, but it currently doesn't have enough tech to be viable at the moment. Only 22 TPs are possible without hats and hookshot right now.


I don't have any issue with them. I think hatless and, when badgeless becomes doable that as well, would be interesting runs since they would be a glitch exhibition, using glitches not generally seen in any%. But sure, they would be ultimately slower than any% because lack of sprint hat and being unable to utilize faster acts.


As a mod, just letting people know: our current way we add categories is people need to actually run them. We're not going to add categories that either only have one runner or remain blank because people think they're a cool idea but never actually run them.

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