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Thread: How to Refill Starbit Bank After Each Run

Started by: MutantsAbyssMutantsAbyss

If you already have a save file that has enough starbits that you would like to keep instead of downloading a new one, you can simply copy the save onto the SD card, then do the process described above. This is a good strategy if you want to keep your IL times. Just remember to update the file periodically, because you might accidentally revert to an outdated save.

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Thread: All of my run verifications?

Started by: CreepyGarCreepyGar

I know this sounds very silly, but I get anxious very easily and got scared of verifying runs lol. You asking though has reminded me and I'll just do it. The one thing I have to ask though was about your green stars time. Was it just an estimate because of the credits? If that's the only category where that's an issue I can accept the others but it won't be possible for that one.


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Thread: searching for an speedrun with these things

Started by: eternaloveeternalove

What are you supposed to be using this footage for? It mainly just seems like you're ordering people around.


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Thread: Star Select

Started by: JeromeJerome

As has been previously stated, point away from the screen and press A to select a gray star. I think if there are multiple it will select the first, but this only happens in green stars and I don't have experience with 242.

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Thread: Single Star Catagory

Started by: GijsVanDenBroekGijsVanDenBroek

It does, the leaderboards are just not hosted on this website. The closest thing to a leaderboard can be found here: However, due there not being that much competition, we mainly just care about who has the best times, which can be found here: Hope I could be of help. 😃


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Thread: Need help with Bowser 2 lava boost skip

Started by: drayden_drayden_

Have you seen this video? If you have not, this should help, but if you still can't get or you've already seen it, I can try to help.