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Hello. I am interested in trying to speedrun this game for the heck of it, but the only problem is that the rules of the categories do not state when the timing is supposed to start and when it ends, and the current world record does not have any video.

When does timing start and end?
(Quand est-ce que le temp commence et quand est-ce que c'est finis?) (My French sucks but just in case you (the mod, Sausty) don't understand English, adding the question in French as well lol. Feel free to respond in French, I don't care, I can read but not write.)

edit; by the looks of it, you understand English just fine 🙃


Actually, due to the nature of the game, I don't understand the goal. Basically finish all the mini-games with all 3 stars? Because the game does not really have a "finished" state, no credits or anything, making it rather confusing.


Fuck im really late im so sorry
I updated the rules, and ill create 100% category soon, but im REALLY SORRY for being that late.

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