Possible Category Proposal ???
7 months ago
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Meong (Complete 1 Level)

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Yo nice route sqb! I've beaten this with save states through 4 stages, so there are 4 stages. If we make this a category, I'd rather it be at least 2 of the stages so there's more substance, though the case could be made we should route all 4 stages and have it be a 2:45 run or so.

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In my opinion any categories should be for the entire playable portion of the game—either to the end or until the game crashes or becomes literally impossible—rather than limiting the amount of completion required due to the game's difficulty. The games Illuminator and Timewarp Tickers, for example, are prohibitively difficult but koffing managed to complete them in their entirety so the same can be done with Meong with sufficient effort.

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Great. Let's one of us get this routed. Haha

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I agree! 3 more levels to figure out and memorize haha.

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