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Hey there!

Very new here so not sure if this is how I should be requesting this, but would it be possible to add single sequence leaderboards for AC:Syndicate? I am currently doing single sequence speedruns accessed through the progress tracker and would love to submit then here.



It's possible - but first set of rules that allows fare competition must be made - as replaying memory allows you to play with all unlocks and max level equipment. So IL would require all skills unlocked, all tool upgrades crafted and fully upgraded level 10 equipment equipped if someone wants to run it.


Sounds fair to me 🙂 None of the runs I have done so far meet those criteria so I have some work to do! Thank you for implementing it 🙂


Hey there. I have a sequence 2 run that I would like to add to the leaderboard. Would it be possible to add "A Simple Plan" to the level leaderboard using the same rules as sequence 1, just for Evie rather than Jacob?


Bumping this thread because I feel that we should have IL leaderboards for all sequences, can they be added?

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I too would like all of the memories to have pages up instead of the four we have up.