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I have been a big fan of watching speedruns for years and have decided to give it a crack. I really enjoy this game and thought this could be a fun one to run.

Does anyone have suggestions for how I might get started? I have been reading about exploits and have watched a few runs on here. I would welcome any advice!

Thanks for your time.

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Depends on what you wanna do.... most people (like i would suggest to you) is First Debt speedruns in which two guides are handy in the guides section... average speedrun about 10 to 20 minutes for FirstDebt, this game has a good amount of RNG or (Random Number Generation) in it. To get a suitable map. also im quite new myself but i hope i can help you if you need it from a nub perspective. i recommend watching a few runs. Indulge yourself abit then dive right in 😛


I have a comprehensive guide with screenshots for the Japanese versions of the game in my Speedrunning notebook. This contains the JP 1.0 All Debts guide as well as a detailed First Debt guide.!AlnkPup_z_U0_MB64R7lNYa0VpzLDQ

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.