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Alright, look dude, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, but this really needs to stop.

First of all, you are not a mod, or even a runner for that matter. It's one thing to suggest a category, but you're trying to come up with rules and restrictions for said category as if you're in charge, and as if the category is going to be an actual thing, when that's not how it works.

Second, you don't need to write out every single step or detail of the run. You aren't going to get people interested when every single post you make is a literal essay with step by step instructions. There's an entire guide section for this kind of thing, but it's for routes that people have actually tested, for actual, existing categories, and not just slapped together using information from a wiki.

Third, if you're so adamant about these categories, why don't you run them yourself? This ties into what I said above about people being turned away by how you handle these suggestions. If you had videos of your runs, and just showed that you actually tried to do something other than writing out these unnecessarily long posts, it'd certainly make things a lot better. Obviously most people don't have a 3DS capture card, but even just pointing a webcam at your 3DS is good enough to get the ball rolling.

I really don't want to come off sounding like a dick, but this really is just getting out of hand, and it's only going to turn people away from the game.

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It very well could become an actual category, but we really only make things actual categories after people have ran them, or if they existed in previous games (Like Golden Net, Golden Rod, etc.).


I think these things should really be showcased before they get a chance to become categories. It doesn't even have to be a speedrun in the first place; if someone plays through the game or up to said milestone and gives a time, that probably sets the mould for speedrunning later.

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