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@golderzoa The world renders generally in a 6x6 grid around your character. If you've seen the Boundary Break episode on YouTube about ACNL ( the game renders on a cylinder effectively (Around the 8 minute mark). A river or a house will not count towards filling the game world (The ocean obviously doesn't have items on it). Having all of the tiles filled with trees bearing fruit, and patterns on the ground (Which count as objects, you can't dig on them or place items on them - therefore they're counted as objects, same as if you had a fruit there from shaking the trees) contribute to filling the 6x6 grid that the game world renders.

When the game world's memory allocated is full, the game cannot properly update tiles. You can position your character on the beach to properly dig a hole and bury an item because the allocation is not full based on your position in the game world. Moving up above the tile where an item is buried renders back further, filling the allocated space back up. When the game world's allocation is full, the game can't properly update a tile, such as digging up an item (which changes the tile from a buried item, to an unburied item - a hole). Because the game removes the item from the buried tile =after= it's updated to the unburied (hole) state, the item remains buried.

The game handles digging an item up as follows:

Player digs > Item is added to inventory > Tile is replaced with an empty hole > Tile is updated to remove the buried item

The glitch works because the game is unable to properly update the tile due to the allocation being full. I THINK Versions beyond 1.0 change the order of operation to:

Player digs >Tile is replaced with an empty hole > Tile is updated to remove buried item > Item is added to inventory

This glitch was fixed beyond 1.0 JP, from my understanding it has to do with how the game handles and allocates the rendered space but I can't disassemble the game in realtime because I just lack the skill to do so.

I hope this makes sense.

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