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Ey, @killawifikillawifi is true, that same happend also to me
I want to run in the game, but I doesnt want to lost the island and all what I have of the game
And if I start a new count, it actualy appear in the island I actualy have
And its not just because of me, I have family that also have a count in that island in that switch
So I doesnt know what I can do at respect of this

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Yeah I think it’s awesome that other people want to run this game already and I want to join you guys too but I just can’t give up my save file man

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do you all have the debt Totals for 2-7? since we using nook miles for the first? @turtlebiasturtlebias i'll figure out the interest/time travel routing sometime next week after my shifts and or during my breaks since i gotta practice other speedgames for The Fast Force 6. while doing other runs.

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