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This idea should be added like subcategory for many categories, including actualy with First Debt and with All Debts
Basicaly, as well as you play that categories starting it with a new file with a new player and all of that, with this subcateory you should start the run while entering to the count without a file, creating a new file with that new player, but this time without been the fisrt entering to the island, being an after one that enter to an earlier created island
With that, you shouldnt have to do all the starting tutorial of all the new island, where by the way you need more than 11 minutes to start being free

In my opinion this should be very nice to be added because:

- You doesnt have to do all the first tutorial, which can be very long, being also so much of text, so many times is nice to skip it and go directly to run what are you running without do it as long if you want to run it and not to include as long part with a tutorial, where there is not many play in the most of it

- You can run it with any switch where actualy an island exist, so is, by far, much more accesible for those runners that want to run the game but only have 1 switch and doesnt want to delete their datas and/or the ones of their family, being posible to run it 🙂 😃 , of cours if you have at least one user to run it;
well, my idea was that a user just used for a runs was easily deleted, but have to say im not sure of if its posible or not to just delete the file of one of the count separately, have to prove it

- Okey, this point maybe can be inclusive a bad side of that, but also a good one, all just depending, and is that you can aproach to prepare the island before the run, to have all what do you need for the run;
In all case, we should add some rules to specificated what is allowed or not allowed in this point

I look its a good idea and that should be very logical to do it, doesnt it?

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It’s a good idea, but you I don’t think a second player can pay off debts, however I’m not sure.

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@KooTheShoeKooTheShoe why no, any players have all the debts to pay, no?

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2nd players have debts, my sister being a source. The only activities a 2nd player can't directly do are storyline stuff with tom nook and many island development related activities, such as placing a plot of land for a new villager.

I believe you can delete individual characters via the minus button on the opening screen before you press a to enter the game.

(Just be warned that not all people agree that NG+ should exist based on precedent from past Animal Crossing games. Weither or not you think it is fair, you will likely have to get them to agree to it)

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