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I was wondering if there was anyway I could use the Island Transfer Tool to save my current island and not have to get a second nintendo Switch. If possivble I have some friends who have switches, but they don't have ACNH, maybe if they get the Island Transfer tool I could send my island to there switch, do a speedrun, then get my island back on my switch. If none of this is possible, does anyone have any suggestions for me to 1) Do Any Catergory of Speedrun 2) Keep My Current ACNH Island 3) Not have to buy a Second Nintendo Switch.

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theres a backup system in the game for Nintendo Switch Online members. Ive never loaded a backup but whats to say you cant load one of those after you reset your island? Thats what they're for afterall, to get your island back if something were to happen.

Regarding the Island Transfer Tool, im not too sure

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