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Make sure that when submitting runs, you submit a permanent link to your run, else it will be removed the the leaderboard. Twitch deletes VODs after a while, so pleeeease upload your runs to YouTube or at least highlight them on Twitch.

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A few updates have been made since the release of GoaYE, meaning pepperoni placements are final and we can take submissions of any roni-dependent categories (100%, Max%, All Character Unlocks, Pepperoni Passion) now. Other important changes include cornerjumps being possible again and some changes to the way the game handles ledgegrabbing. We won't add version as a subcategory, just for the sake of keeping the leaderboards as clean as possible, but expect to see a version variable in the near future. We urge you to download the newest patch, whether you're running a roni-dependent categories or not. Thank you!