New "level timer" version of the game is out!

I created a modified version of the game:

where you have the following new features:

- Level timer: there is a new timer that tracks time for individual levels, and resets when a new level is loaded. This timer shows on normal mode as well as speedrun mode.
If you play on speedrun mode, you will see both speedrun and level timers on the screen.
Specifically on level 1, the timer won't start until your first keyboard input.
This timer makes running ILs as easy as ever.

- Practice mode: when playing outside of speedrun mode, you have the option to switch levels by pressing "+" or "-" on the keyboard. This will allow you to easily reach any level you want (for practice or IL runs), without the hassle of playing the game up to that point.

It is recommended to run on this new version, and it's also required for IL runs, starting from 2022-03-04.
The game/categories rules were updated accordingly.

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