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Thread: New categories needed

Started by: a2yerold_a2yerold_

So as far as I'm aware the old version of cats are liquid is now not playable and even if it is I think this needs to change. The newest update and the older version of the game should be different categories. I know there's at least one run that uses a version in between the newest and the old version but I think we should just roll those in with the old version. It dose not make seance to compare runs done on the new version with very few (known) time saving glitches to the broken mess of the old version.

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Forum: A Boy and His Blob (2009)

Thread: Rules and categorys

Started by: a2yerold_a2yerold_

So like no one cares about this game but shouldn't there at least be a definite starting and stopping point for timing the run? Also a 100% category where you have to collect all chests and beat all bonus levels would be nice.

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Forum: Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows

Thread: Is android version slower and if so by how much

Started by: neicuneicu

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it really shouldn't be slower just harder IF you're running on the new version but (as far as i know) there is no way to down grade the android version which makes it slower