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Thread: is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

Thanks for being awesome Pac. The site wouldn't have made it to the level it is at without all of your hardwork and dedication. Good luck in your future endeavors and take a good break. You deserve it!

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto III

Thread: Discussion on recently found things (record.dat, skin file names)

Started by: PowdinetPowdinet

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1) Allow skins

2) Disallow record.dat

3) I don't care, I'm going to keep it on either way


Forum: Grand Theft Auto

Thread: Launch Problem

Started by: XPatrickFTWXPatrickFTW

SAMP is not associated with speedrunning. You are better off asking in a forum specifically associated with SAMP.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto Category Extensions

Thread: Is CP IP allowed for GTA:VC Any% Dupeless?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Om0 is not the same as duping, so no it will not be rejected

rough chinese translate: Om0与重复不同,所以不会拒绝它。


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Thread: What’s the ideal snack when gaming?

Started by: IM_CmacIM_Cmac

If you mean regular gaming, I just hit pause and grab anything food related OpieOP

But if you mean speedgaming, I'm partial to these fruit gummies. They taste good and they're bite-size so I can eat a few at a time.

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Thread: Favourite game that you don't speedrun

Started by: JulzJulz

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Amazing game, awful speedgame.

Alternatively, Fallout: New Vegas, which I may end up running if I can get a good enough computer to do so.

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Thread: Girls speedrunners ?

Started by: LOLMAN-0027LOLMAN-0027

Drako is definitely a girl. That long hair only proves it.

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Thread: How long until this site becomes actually "good"?

Started by: DuxezDuxez

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@CriscoWild #s 1-12 of your suggestions are pointless because a separate Mega Man site already exists. 16-23 are pointless because haloruns exists. The times are already being tracked on other sites. Why import them here?

Timmiluvs already phrased my thoughts on this joke of a thread. Get off your high horse and appreciate the site and the (read this slowly now) volunteers that are making the site as good as it is already.

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Thread: I'm leaving the site's staff

Started by: GyooGyoo

Au revior mon amis! Thanks for doing all you did and good luck in your projects!


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Thread: Inactive modérator...

Started by: ShuluroShuluro

Contact them directly via social media of some type. If that doesn't result in anything then request on the mod request thread here:

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Thread: Notice of resignation

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

Thank you for helping out, and good luck in your future endeavors!


Forum: Grand Theft Auto III

Thread: Now to skip mission taxi?

Started by: DishmonDishmon

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For a text explanation:

Before the mission hold down your submission key while you are in the taxi, then continue holding it (throughout the mission) until the cutscene at the laundromat is finished (any earlier and the game will crash). After the cutscene is finished (after you hear "It's a Triad ambush!") release the submission key, the pager will ring, you can now cancel taxi and redo the mission or grab the Borgnine.

For this to work you must have whatever key you have for submissions (I think it is caps lock by default) bound to the same key that lets you look back on foot.

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Thread: I finally feel like a real mod~!

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly literal cheater :((((((

In all seriousness, congrats!


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Thread: Mortal Kombat speedrunner caught cheating

Started by: [Deleted user]

Holy Jesus what a thread.


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Thread: What Is Your Biggest Goals in Life?

Started by: [Deleted user]

A world record would be nice :^)

But more importantly I would like to be consistently happy, move out of my parents' place, and get a job/income so I can feel more free in life.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: All [Story] Missions

Started by: Mhmd_FVCMhmd_FVC

Vigilante/paramedic/firefighter/taxi/pimping/burglary does not change save file name and I'm 95% sure courier doesn't either.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Any% No dupes

Started by: TireanTirean

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Originally posted by ryedawgIf any of you who defend this Leaderboard change where are your runs on the leaderboard? The only people who can be taken serious in this fourm are the following

Who cares? This isn't something like the ginput thread where randoms that don't run the game tried to brigade the vote. This has mainly been taken up with members of the community that actually run the game.


get BTFOed brainlets


There is already a place that the runs are found so I don't see a reason to add the category. But I don't run the game so who cares what I think.

Amazing how a simple discussion thread can blow up into a flame war wew lads.