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Forum: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Thread: Leaderboard Rules and Requirements

Started by: mtmt

What emu and version can i use to run this game for submitting to the leaderboards?


Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout - Amendments #1

Started by: PacPac

The new layout is amazing, but i noticed that the in site display of splits do not show golds anymore, hopefully this would be something you guys could consider fixing!

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: New category suggestion

Started by: simesaba0708simesaba0708

All pixl's should end on beating the game in my opinion


Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: Glitchless Category?

Started by: FearlessPhoenixFearlessPhoenix

There is honestly no point to doing glitchless in this game. Doing glitches offer so much more that it wouldn't be worth adding it as a category, I recommend just learning the tricks they are not that bad!


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Thread: OOT VC and N64 separate leaderboard.

Started by: TBA_aroTBA_aro

I think that the categories shouldn't be separated because most of the better players will mainly stick to one console anyway making running the other console almost pointless (as seen with sm64's VC category). With separate leaderboards new players who don't have access to the better console can still submit runs to the competitive leaderboards. I think accessability is good for speedrunning and we should keep it that way for oot in my opinion.


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Do you need audio in a SM64 run when it's live?

Started by: 117265

Don't think so.. but idk