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Thread: Hello, new runner, long time lurker.

Started by: Z3phyRZ3phyR

Just had to come and say hello. Im trying to run my first game: Alice: Madness Returns.
I am the current owner of ch1 and ch.2 records.
Learning my ch.3 and ch.4 in my stream under the name Z3phyrwatch. Im just trying to learn that streaming as well.

Anyhow, so good to be here. I have been a fan of speedrunning for 20 or so years and so glad I finally had the possibility to actually do something myself

I`ll see you around!


Forum: Alice: Madness Returns

Thread: What's new in Alice's speedrun ?

Started by: DarthColetteDarthColette

Hi, as a new runner myself these new things are awesome. Have to check in to that.
Have been studying those Dokalfar explanatory runs and Aimish`s WR run to get a good picture of how things are done properly

I`d really would like to know if there is a discord server atm for AMR, or should we create one? It should be nice to have that kind of stable platform to discuss about the new things and seek help if one runs into trouble with some skips and such.

- Z