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Could we do a category for total conquest? The goal is to conquer every town in the game.

This is where I find new games to speedrun


Thanks man, your runs are amazing too 🙂
all the runs have been submitted. RIP your inbox lol.


Yep lol. Probably going to move to Red Ball or Kraken Land


In that case I likely wouldn’t make a very good mod. I intended this as my goodbye video for Happy Wheels, and that doesn’t exactly scream community involvement if I’m leaving lol. Also, I think you’re a pretty good mod ItsMaximum


How do I become moderator?


In case you’re wondering why no 7- it’s because I hate those levels 😕


This is my application

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Sorry guys but I’ve got too much schoolwork to run any levels. Once Christmas break starts I’m going to run Some. My ultimate goal is to fill out the 2- for myself, one level in my way


Lol yeah

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Sweet. Might return to this game soon


Just wanted to brag about it b/c it’s my best happy wheels run forever.

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Makes sense. IDK If subcategories is worth it; it would be a trade-off of certain things.


What I would suggest(IDK if possible) is to utilize collapsing tabs to format the site. Have each mobile stage[1,2,3,4,7] have a tab with an arrow. Click the arrow and all the levels for that stage pop down. For the main HappyWheels levels, have a tab called default, and have a tab or tabs for user-created levels.

To avoid immense bloat from too many new level submissions, maybe have rules that you can only speedrun levels with X amount of players or X number of stars, and only allow the top rated of each gameplay category(Bottle run, harpoon jump, etc.)

Not a perfect system, but would help to Organize the level leaderboards, which is slowly becoming a clusterfuck.


There are 50-55 mobile levels, plus about 30-50 main webgame levels. Around 100-200 is the limit I believe. For each level, the categories are ANY% and GLITCHLESS(No major glitches known of yet so this is pointless right now). Personally, I would like an INBOUNDS% for all levels. The rules would be no leaving the main game to skip sections. For example, you couldn’t just fly over a level to the finish line as wheelchair guy. With INBOUNDS%, many levels could be experimented with, and wheelchair and bike man runs could become more complex. The limit of level categories is probably going to be 50-60, as I doubt the mods would include all 100-200 levels. Still 50-60 is a ton of levels, which is unfortunate, as it really bloats the interface.


True. Best to wait in that case.


YES I was hoping for something like this. Also, could you add a bonus% for the 5 bonus levels in Ios?


Imma try, btw good luck beating my 2-1 record lol


Yeah I moved to happy wheels. Only other game I know of with in game timer 🙂


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